Madilyn Harks/ Matthew Ralf Harks

“According to documents from the Parole Board of Canada dated Sept. 1, Madilyn Harks, who was formerly known as Matthew Ralf Harks, will face a residency condition upon her statutory release.“ A “woman” convicted of sexually assaulting children will have to reside in a halfway house after completing her sentence due to concerns she is […]

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Transwoman arrested for voyeurism and indecent exposure

Excellent commentary from GenderTrender
GallusMag Says:

March 1, 2016 at 11:43 am
First off,
1. These things never happen. These things have never happened. Stop saying things happen that never happen.
2. He’s lying about being trans, because a male transgender is incapable of committing, deliberately or through an act of omission, any action that results in harm to another human being.
3. She may have been just airing out her female penis. Also she may have been forced to study female bathroom users up-close because she didn’t have the cis privilege of growing up as a girl and was forced to do recon using the principles learned in her military career.
4. Sexual crimes not involving assault, rape and/or murder are victimless crimes.
5. Women are more likely to be preyed upon by transwomen they know, rather than strangers. Oops! I meant men, not transwomen (see #2.)
6. He was obviously someone- probably a right winger under orders from TERFS- trying to make transwomen look bad.
7. Women expose themselves and commit voyeurism against other women too. Especially lesbians.

Ban Rapists & Violent Predators from Changing Legal Gender & Name

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Transwoman stabs a sleeping man to death and is identified as a woman in the press

Two transwomen assault staff member and fellow transwoman at LGBT facility where they had a history of harassing teens

Ban Rapists & Violent Predators from Changing Legal Gender & Name

January 30, 2016 at 1:35 pm EST | by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Trans women charged with assault in Casa Ruby incident

D.C. police on Jan. 27, 2016, arrested two transgender women in connection with an alleged assault of a Casa Ruby staffer. (Photo by Cliff; courtesy Wikimedia Commons)
Two transgender women were charged with simple assault and destruction of property on Jan. 27 at the offices of the D.C. LGBT community services center Casa Ruby after they allegedly punched and threw several computer monitors at a Casa Ruby staff member.
A D.C. police arrest affidavit says the staff member told police the two women began punching her in the face and body and tossing computer screens at her after acknowledging she had called police earlier that day because of improper behavior by one of the two alleged attackers.
Ruby Corado, the founder and director of Casa Ruby, said the staff…

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Transwoman rapes 13 yr old boy, is identified in press as a woman

Male rapist and child pornographer identified in press as a “woman”

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Joseph David Fialkowski who was previously in the press for suing to change his legal name to Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski is being reported in the press as a woman rapist as can be seen here, Lynchburg woman indicted on rape charge”

The news report reads as follows:

“A Lynchburg woman was indicted by a grand jury Monday on felony rape and abduction charges stemming from an August incident involving a juvenile, according to the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. 

Julianna Tourmaline Fialkowski, 25, faces one count each of felony rape; abduction with the intent to defile; enticing another into a dwelling with intent to commit a felony; strangulation; and misdemeanor assault, according to the indictment.

Harrison had no comment about whether the charges on which Fialkowski was indicted occurred during the production of child pornography. 

Fialkowski was also a trans activist who was also in the news back in April of this year for removing a minor from their home without the parents consent. Fialkowski claimed to have met the minor online and that the minor was threatening suicide.


pic from here

Lynchburg transadvocate arrested after assisting at-risk youth

“A transwoman from Lynchburg, Virginia, has been arrested and charged with contributing to the delinquency of trans youth after being accused by the youth’s parents.

According to Julianna Fialkowski (top image), 25, she found out about the unnamed, 17-year-old transmale after a cry for help went out on the social media site Facebook late last month. The youth claimed that he was self harming- adding that he was suicidal.

Fialiowski said that she was also led to believe that the youth was being forced out of his house.

Fialkowski, a transadvocate and a LGBTQ rights activist, made headlines in May 2014 after a Virginia Circuit Court Judge denied her a name change- reversing his decision after public outcry.

Fialkowski found the youth’s house through an internet search, and accompanied by a prayer chaplain from a local trans support group, went to the home to offer their assistance. After a dispute between the youth and his parents, the youth left the house, indicating to that his father had kicked him out and that he had permission to leave.

Fialiowski said that she and the prayer chaplain, Lindy Ramsey, took the youth to Ramsey’s home where he was offered a place to stay temporarily, an offer the pair claimed they had made the youth’s parents aware of.”

In the same post we also have a screen cap and link to a tumblr post where a young person claims to have been victimized by Julianna Fialkowski and warns other youths in the area to stay away from him. Here again is the screen cap and link