Reclaiming Femininity: Special PinkEye Edition

More awesome from Maria Catt.

Hey guys, obviously I’m in rough shape right now, I have pink eye in both my eyes. But this eye obviously is taking it a little bit harder, yeah, I don’t know, I wasn’t rubbing animal shit in my eyes, I swear, but I was really sick this week, I spent like tuesday and wednesday […]

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A Woman Can – crashchaoscats

I wrote “A Woman Can” about three years ago, when I was twenty-eight. Just being able to put my experience into words was a big deal because there was hardly anything out there at the time that described what I’d lived through. In the communities I’d been a part of so much of my experience […]

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Trauma and Transitioning — crashchaoscats

Transcript (edited for clarity): Hey there. I’m Crash and I want to talk about how sometimes women take on a trans identity and transition due to trauma that we lived through. So I want to talk about a few things I think people should know about in regards to this. First off, that it happens […]

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Greens Tasmania, Anti-Discrimination Commission refuse to ally with women

When both the Anti-Discrimination Commission and Greens Party in your state sell out women.

Background: Women’s Liberation Front (Southern Tasmania chapter) met on June 29 with the state’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Robin Banks, to discuss their concerns about that Office’s proposed changes to state legislation on gender recognition.

The WoLF representative there felt bullied and belittled by Ms Banks and another Commission staff member, Leica Wagner.

As the Australian reports, “Tessa Anne, an activist with the radical feminist Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), has lodged complaints with the state’s Attorney-General and Integrity Commission, alleging Ms Banks “bullied, belittled” and discrimin­ated against her”:

Ms Banks yesterday rejected the allegations, which relate to her conduct during a 2½-hour meeting between the two women, as well as one of Ms Banks’s staff members, on June 29. The meeting was held to discuss WoLF’s concerns about Ms Banks’s proposal — being considered by the Tasmanian government — to allow men who identify as women, but who have not had a sex change, to be legally registered as female.

Ms Anne and WoLF believe the legislative change, similar to a proposal in Victoria, would undermine protections for women and girls and could see men gaining ­access to domestic violence and rape shelters. The complaint by Ms Anne ­alleges “aggressive” and “insulting” conduct by Ms Banks, and in some cases by her staff member, Leica Wagner, and that this amounted to bullying and discrimination against her on the basis of her sex.

Ms Anne’s complaint says Ms Banks denied that violence against women was discrimination. “What transpired at this meeting shocked me and left me feeling bullied, harassed and disrespected,” Ms Anne alleges in the complaint. “Robin Banks conducted herself in a hostile, aggressive and combative manner … I felt threatened.

“As well as this substantive ­refusal to engage honestly with our concerns, I was also subjected to name-calling and derision … I ­believe the conduct of Banks and Wagner on this occasion amounts to discrimination against me ­because I am female, and I would like to pursue a formal complaint of discrimination.”

In this TV news report by Southern Cross News (video below), we see responses from the Anti-Discrimination Commission and the Tasmanian Greens.

The Greens spokeswoman here is Rosalie Woodruff.