Madilyn Harks/ Matthew Ralf Harks

“According to documents from the Parole Board of Canada dated Sept. 1, Madilyn Harks, who was formerly known as Matthew Ralf Harks, will face a residency condition upon her statutory release.“ A “woman” convicted of sexually assaulting children will have to reside in a halfway house after completing her sentence due to concerns she is […]

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What Susan Faludi learned from her dad Stefánie

What Susan Faludi learned from her dad Stefánie

In the Darkroom tackles family relationships, identity and gender politics with riveting insight and precision

16 July 2016

9:00 AM

In the DarkroomSusan Faludi

William Collins, pp.432, £16.99

In 2004, after a 25-year estrangement, Susan Faludi’s father reappeared in her life via email. ‘I have had enough of impersonating a macho aggressive man I have never been inside,’ it read, and was signed, ‘Love from your parent, Stefánie.’ The 77-year-old had embarked on a new life as a woman, both a dramatic abruption and the continuation of a biography full of reinvention. He was born as a Hungarian Jew called István Friedman, survived the Holocaust thanks to a talent for imitating Nazis, adopted the name Faludi to show he was ‘100 per cent Hungarian’, and later settled in the US, where he became Stephen Faludi, archetypal ‘American Dad’ and, as a photographer, a master manipulator of images.

In 2014, Stefánie Faludi died, and In the Darkroom is a memoir of the fraught reacquaintance between father and daughter. It’s also a record of Stefánie Faludi’s extraordinary life, and an unsettling interrogation of that modern obsession, identity. ‘Who is the person you “were meant to be”?’ asks Faludi. ‘Is who you are what you make of yourself, the self you fashion into being, or is it determined by your inheritance and all its fateful forces, genetic, familial, ethnic, religious, cultural, historical?’ Primo Levi asked If This Is a Man. Faludi looks at her father Stefánie and wonders, is this a woman? Is this a Jew? Is this a Hungarian? How much of the thing we call a self is truly negotiable?

Faludi is a feminist (she made her reputation with the agenda-setting book Backlash in 1991), and the fault line between feminism and transgender issues is one of the most perilous in current politics. Any deviation from the dogma that ‘transwomen are women full stop’ can incite furious condemnations, and possibly no-platforming and glitterbombing. The subject is beset with cliché and taboo: preferred pronouns must be meticulously and retrospectively observed, the individual is always the arbiter of their own identity, gender identity is not a fetish, and it’s objectifying to focus on surgery.

Happily, Faludi has no time for these tedious conventions. At one point, she reads every transition memoir she can find in an effort to understand her father, and confesses herself utterly frustrated by them. But Stefánie too is blissfully ignorant of the rules of political engagement. Magyar (the language István learned as a little boy) has no gendered pronouns in any case, and Faludi’s father fluffs ‘hes’ and ‘shes’ in English often and without injury. Far from being coy about the bloody details of transition, Stefánie has hers filmed — and ambushes her daughter with a screening of it. Far from denying any sexual motive, Stefánie insists on showing her favourite ‘sissy slave girl’ erotica sites to her daughter.

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Man goes to prison for stalking, breaking and entering, and stealing underwear. Gets out and rapes and murders woman he was terrorizing. Declares himself a woman in prison.

‘Old Women: Shut the Fuck Up.’ and ‘The Greer Fiasco: Oct’15’

In Permanent Opposition writes about how the specific ageism deployed against older women helps power the popularity of calling Germaine Greer irrelevant and transphobic.

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Nebraska Transwomen and Drag Queens stage protest against Gender Neutral bar bathroom

Business suffers major impact for attempting to accommodate both genderist delusions and women’s safety needs. Business owner condemned for caring about a man dressed as a woman having previously assaulted a woman in his facilities.

Good onya Jake – thank you for standing up for women.


Small business owner Jake Gardner- accused of discriminating against individuals with penises. Small business owner Jake Gardner- accused of discriminating against individuals with penises.

Popular Omaha nightclub ‘The Hive’ was the target of a transwoman sidewalk picket over the weekend. At issue was the unisex restroom now under construction at the establishment, which the bar owners intend to accommodate patrons of either sex who no longer “identify with” the restrooms designed for their anatomy. Transwomen and Drag Queens claimed the unisex facility was instead intended to discriminate against individuals with penises.

Transgender Penis Rights Protester "Kahtya Tehnsion" Transgender Penis Rights Protester “Kahtya Tehnsion”

Tommy Hendrix out of his transgender "Kahtya Tehnsion" persona Tommy Hendrix out of his transgender “Kahtya Tehnsion” persona The conflict was sparked when bar co-owner Jake Gardner made a comment on his personal Facebook page to his friends, stating his opinion that males should voluntarily use either male or unisex facilities unless they were transgender individuals who had undergone surgical and legal transition.

Original post on personal account which sparked the firestorm- from Channel 7 Original post on personal account which sparked the firestorm- from Channel…

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Matthew Harks (Canada)

Gender Identity Watch

4fa18c64-58d2-46ac-85b8-d764a01cf263Matthew Harks, a convicted pedophile living in the Calgary, Alberta area, has legally changed his name to Madilyn (Rebecca) Harks, presumably with the intention of identifying as a woman and obtaining a government-funded sex change.  Harks, who is known to befriend families with the intent of harming their children and has sexually assaulted young girls, is currently under long-term supervision in order to prevent further offenses.  According to Correctional Service Canada, “Victims are entitled to be informed of offender name changes.”

Name change for convicted pedophile _ Home _ Toronto Sun

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Are Transwomen a Threat in Women’s Spaces?

My Only Path to Power

Conservatives are borrowing “myths” from feminists to undermine transgender bathroom policies, said an article shared by my ex. Trans people just aren’t a threat, the article insisted.

Below, a list of the people who undermine the credibility of that claim. Not radical feminists, not conservatives. These guys, who unfortunately for the trans movement, do exist (and in large numbers).

Due to the oppressively large body of source material to work from, this is a work in progress and will updated from time to time.

genericRobert Whitehead
Dressed as woman to photograph women in ladies’ restrooms
Took “multiple photos of different women in bathroom stalls  around the city with their pants down.”

genericChristopher Todd Gard
Assaulted, choked 8-year-old in restroom while armed, wearing only women’s underwear
Arrested on complaints of aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm during a felony, kidnapping and indecent exposure.

genericRichard Rodriguez

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Man stabs woman to death for mocking him, is allowed to become a “woman” in prison

Transwoman beats children for not calling him “mom”

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