Men Love The Ladies Restroom- Transgender Edition


Transgender Activists always dismiss the realistic concerns that women have about allowing males into spaces that are sex segregated for female privacy from male predators. Such as restrooms, locker rooms, showers, hospital bed assignments, jail cells, homeless shelters, rape crisis centers, etc. These activists deny and disregard the real threat to females by males, even males who want to dress in feminine clothes or who “feel like women inside” or who have a psychiatric disorder that causes them to claim they are actually female, even though they are male. These men do not give a shit about the actual people they want to minstrelize and dress up as and mimic. They not only deny that we are oppressed because of our sex, they claim our sex doesn’t even exist! But they do more than deny female reality and make kooky claims: They are using the political capital of Lesbians and Gays…

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Pa: Man charged after 10-year-old says he watched her in bathroom

The fact is that this kind of occurrence is not uncommon. While this obviously does not mean M2Ts (transwomen) can be assumed to be in the bathroom for the purpose of predating on women and girls, it still has huge bearing on legislation related to the public’s usage of restrooms and other facilities where women and girls will be unclothed, such as locker rooms.

Where legislation allows male-born people to be present in females’ facilities simply on the basis of their self-assertion about their gender identity, this kind of predation is enabled.

This is the point that many gender abolitionists keep making: we’re not calling all trans people predators, and that is a pathetic strawperson ploy that speaks to the weakness of the argument for allowing entry to be decided on the basis of personal assertion. We are saying we need to look at the consequences of these kinds of laws.

Although supporters of trans politics keep blindly repeating the mantra that there is zero documentation of danger from males trying to pass as women in female facilities, saying so does not make it the truth. Many men deliberately try accessing females’ facilities in order to predate. They don’t all try passing themselves off as women in order to achieve this, but how can you genuinely see it as a good idea to say that as soon as they do claim to be women, their presence in these facilities cannot be questioned??


Man charged after 10-year-old says he watched her in bathroom

Thomas Shoemaker accused of filming girl in bathroom.
Thomas Shoemaker accused of filming girl in bathroom.


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A Quarryville, Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged after a 10-year-old girl told her mother that she caught him watching her as she used the bathroom.

James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, faces one count of invasion of privacy in connection with the April 14 incident at the Sheetz in the 1100 block of Manheim Pike.

Employees at the store said Shoemaker had been in the bathroom for about an hour.

Police caught Shoemaker inside of a stall in the women’s bathroom in possession of a phone as described by the victim.

Investigators determined that Shoemaker was watching porn before using his camera to look over at the stall next to him.

Shoemaker has been released from custody with a summons to appear in court. His phone is being forensically analyzed.


Rape culture involves making targets feel bad about their boundaries

don't want you to make me uncomfortable.jpg
Meme being circulated by those in favour of making multiple-stall/cubicle restrooms and changing rooms either ‘gender-neutral’ or open to anyone on the basis of self-asserted ‘gender identity’


FYI, if you support forwarding this meme, you support rape culture.

An inherent part of rape culture is trying to put on the defensive those who raise concerns about predatory behaviour happening in front of or to them (or policy which enables it), or are in the classes of people most predated on (women and children), who might also conceivably object. The aim is to make them feel as though they are doing something wrong.

Accordingly, those invested in rape culture need to make targets and potential targets feel upfront – even ahead of time – that their boundaries and concerns are wrong. Preparing ground by ensuring that potential targets know to feel badly about thinking critically of them, and don’t gather allies against predation (but maybe even distance themselves from likely allies), is a common activity of predators.

Predators and their enablers achieve this quite easily when they apply a ‘reversal’ to what’s really going on, by making the targets/ targetted classes sound like the predatory ones.

Those who’ve been studying and opposing rape culture know why – it’s because the targetted classes are those least likely to be automatically believed and supported. Whereas men, who are the bulk of predators, usually get automatic acceptance of whatever they say.

These reversals about predatory behaviour are so standard that many will recognise common forms: women seeking to set sex-based boundaries will be jeered at as “wanting to do panty checks”. Men who did not get the outcome they wanted in propositioning women may jeer about them as “thinking every man wants them”. The goal is to prevent any possible broader agreement with the women’s “no”, and sometimes to punish her for that “no”. Either way, she learns that a “no” will get her negative and isolating consequences.

Predators and their enablers also work to focus sympathy on the perps. Where these are male (as they usually are), this is especially easy, given our society’s expectation that women devote our time disproportionately to welfare work and, especially, to supporting males.

It is marked how trans supporters work overtime to promote the narrative that anyone concerned about ‘gender inclusive’ policy changes to restroom/locker-room usage is really calling all trans people predators. The narrative serves its purpose of making critics (mostly women) look bad, while keeping attention diverted from the real problems of allowing males to be in females’ facilities purely on the basis of their self-declared ‘gender identity’.

Making women’s supporters work overtime repeating basic facts about the numerous reports of male predation in female restroom/ changing facilities, and about the far more limited justification for the claim that male-on-transwomen predation in male facilities is common, is part of rape culture. This information is easily available via googling.


The Big Lie that no man has ever spied in women’s restrooms/locker rooms.

This blogger is rather too generous in tallying the reasons why ‘liberals’ might prioritise the desires of transwomen to have access to females’ toilets and changing rooms, over the safety and privacy needs of women and children.

Rape culture, policing women and prioritising males are thoroughly scripted into ‘liberalism’, because liberalism offers its adherents few sturdy ideological defences against the dominant culture. Which also makes it a more natural favourite of those who either wish to predate, or are currently aligned with predatory individuals and classes.

However, accounts of such male predation are always useful, given the constant reality-denial of trans politic supporters.

The Prime Directive

Ever since laws have been proposed against men entering women’s restrooms or locker rooms, it seems that the mainstream media has been dedicating itself to the defense of a Big Lie (an absurdly false statement which, repeated over and over, becomes true): the “fact” that no man has ever tried to spy in women’s restrooms or locker rooms by pretending to be women. It is often explicitly said that this has happened zero times.

This statement is absurdly false, and anyone should be ashamed of propagating such a lie. As a matter of fact, many men have been caught spying on women while pretending to be women, and no doubt many more have not been caught. Here are some examples.


Meanwhile, in Birmingham, England, a man posed as a mannequin and hung around in the women’s bathrooms at a shopping mall filming women, um, doing their business. MSN…

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More moronic memes



A US radical feminist observes:

“This is such B.S … We’re the ones who have warned and educated our sons before they entered the restroom… stood outside the door and waited, glaring at the dudes who walked in after our kids did…. spoken to our boys about possible predators among coaches, teachers, friends, or pastors… and waited impatiently right outside the door until our kids get done using the bathrooms. The gullibility of some of these pro-trans posts is astounding.”


Snakes and Mushrooms: The List Transgender Activists Refuse to Make – A List to Tell True Trans (TT) From Predatory Creepy Men (PCM) From TT Who Are Also PCM (TTPCM)


poisonous mushrooms.PNG


Transgender activists love telling real women that there is no danger from allowing men who claim to be women into women’s spaces. The fact that there are men who claim to be women who have attacked and killed women is ignored or disbelieved by these activists, as is the fact that men who claim to be women offend criminally as much as all other men as a class do.

For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that all men who claim to be women are perfect angels who pose no threat to women. That still leaves the issue of how allowing men who claim to be women into women’s facilities also allows all men, even rapists and perverts, in women’s spaces. The transgender activists tell real women that only trans are allowed in and often claim that even if other men come in, women should/would be able to…

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FETAs and the denial of the existence of the social class “women.”

The Prime Directive

All radical analysis is by definition a systemic analysis. And systemic analysis heavily relies on the concept of social classes as a way to understand and articulate the effect of social policies, indoctrination, and moral principles. Some people associate the concept of social classes with Marxism, but everyone uses social classes as part of their argumentation, even right-wing fanatics (given how often they talk about the poor, immigrants, black people, and how they’re responsible for all sorts of social ills). So you’d think that arguments against the concept of social classes would be pretty self-defeating.

There are people, however, who have a vested interest in denying the existence of specific classes. The privileged always want to downplay their existence as a social class. Some take it a step further. Many transgender advocates have dedicated their energies to denying the existence of women as a class. This seems simply blind, as…

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