Fake facts, because courtesy is gendered

Hard-hitting reporting from RACHEL JOHNSON:

As it turns out, it wasn’t like that at all. Brannen was born male – but we readers weren’t allowed to know that.

It’s not that this detail wasn’t important (and as I will argue, m’Lud, it’s crucial) or forgotten. It was omitted in the moral panic around both privacy and ‘misgendering’, the progressive cause de nos jours.

To call someone by the wrong title is considered verbal assault and even bigotry.

And it’s largely fear of misgendering that has led to the courts perpetrating, and the press reporting, a fake fact – that women can and do rape men – rather than telling us the literal truth.

It’s largely fear of misgendering that has led to the courts perpetrating, and the press reporting, a fake fact – that women can and do rape men – rather than telling us the literal truth

Last week, the courts decided to wave aside inconvenient aspects of biology and law (rape is defined as intentionally penetrating another person with your penis against their will, and only males have penises) because they were dealing with something far more important than truth, or indeed, statute.

They were dealing with a situation where a man identified as a woman. And his right to identify as a woman trumped our right to know the actual facts, as opposed to the ‘alternative facts’.

This case exposes like no other the stupid way our courts and our Parliament – and, I’m afraid, the press – are being sucked into the prevailing moral panic over misgendering, the cause that’s fast overtaken feminism as the go-to civil-liberties issue of our times. 

It was this panic that prevented us from reporting or reading that Katie Brannan was born a man, and had a penis – two facts completely central to this case. You have to know them otherwise – think about it – the charge wouldn’t be rape. 

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Boot Camp

Crushing it.

Words by Maria Catt

I used to have a storytelling show about sex, and I stopped doing that show because on three separate occasions men told stories about raping women. As funny stories. By the third one, I was like, holy fuck. Goddamn. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t bear to face that there are lots of men who not only think the times they raped women were funny, but also think other people are going to think the times they raped women were funny. The third time a guy told a rape story was the last time I did that show. I liked the guy who told that story a lot. He was a cook at the retirement home I worked at, and I remember on Thanksgiving we all worked 12 hour shifts, being treated like total shit by customers, and this guy made us all Thanksgiving dinner at his place after. I…

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The weariness of the powerful

A USA feminist writes:

Absolutely sick of the gaslighting argument that any law forbidding men from women’s restrooms can only be enforced with mandatory invasive “panty checks” of all restroom visitors. It makes no sense.

Imagine that a legislator decided, tomorrow, to start pushing for a law that would increase legal penalties for anyone caught using non-prescribed, illegal opioids in public bathrooms.

Would anyone in their right minds say “well, that law is ridiculous, because it’d mean you’d have to check everyone’s purse for drugs, and strip search them to make sure they weren’t hiding any, and you’d have to have staff with portable drug testing kits at the bathroom door, and everyone would have to carry their prescription from their doctor with them or risk being jailed”?

No, of course not. Laws aren’t usually enforced with mandatory, everyone-gets-searched checkpoints. This is just being used as a way to tell women that if we try to get away from sexually invasive men by banning them from our spaces, the only possible response is to engage in even more sexually invasive practices that hurt women more. Don’t set boundaries or you’ll get punished, say the men.


Detransitioned writer Maria Catt comments sharply on the micro-dynamics of social power.

Words by Maria Catt

I was talking to a guy last night at a show. I told him I was so grateful to be back home in Ohio and not in the Bay Area. He said, “yeah a lot of people who find Ohio difficult don’t realize they’ll find a place like that more difficult.”

It’s true and it’s cutting. It contains a judgment of me and the expectation that I either won’t notice the judgment or know better than to call out the judgment. It reduces the journey and the struggle down to a macho “some people can hack it, some people can’t” story. That’s how a lot of people around comedians like to talk. My family likes to talk like that too. My Chicago queer friends talked the same way. They’ll tell me my story back to me and it’ll hinge on how I couldn’t hack it.

I remember one of my…

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What the fuck is this

Thank you for this, Purple Sage. The head-desking is becoming extreme.

Purple Sage

Frank meme

I couldn’t believe it when this appeared in my news feed. People keep making these memes where a couple of regular male molesters are compared to some saintly innocent transwoman, to show us which people we should accept in the washroom. But this one has Frank N. Furter. Seriously? That’s your poster boy for trans rights??

Frank N Furter isn’t a transwoman, he’s a cross dresser. He never identified as a woman, and in fact, he’s a rapist.

It occurred to me that maybe the guy who made this meme was trolling, like maybe he was making a meme to try to make fun of these sorts of memes? But most of his Facebook posts are public and I was able to read his opinion on it. Nope, he’s not trolling. He says he has trans friends and he’s sticking up for them.

It’s unbelievably ironic when trans supporters put a…

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The Big Lie that no man has ever spied in women’s restrooms/locker rooms.

This blogger is rather too generous in tallying the reasons why ‘liberals’ might prioritise the desires of transwomen to have access to females’ toilets and changing rooms, over the safety and privacy needs of women and children.

Rape culture, policing women and prioritising males are thoroughly scripted into ‘liberalism’, because liberalism offers its adherents few sturdy ideological defences against the dominant culture. Which also makes it a more natural favourite of those who either wish to predate, or are currently aligned with predatory individuals and classes.

However, accounts of such male predation are always useful, given the constant reality-denial of trans politic supporters.

The Prime Directive

Ever since laws have been proposed against men entering women’s restrooms or locker rooms, it seems that the mainstream media has been dedicating itself to the defense of a Big Lie (an absurdly false statement which, repeated over and over, becomes true): the “fact” that no man has ever tried to spy in women’s restrooms or locker rooms by pretending to be women. It is often explicitly said that this has happened zero times.

This statement is absurdly false, and anyone should be ashamed of propagating such a lie. As a matter of fact, many men have been caught spying on women while pretending to be women, and no doubt many more have not been caught. Here are some examples.


Meanwhile, in Birmingham, England, a man posed as a mannequin and hung around in the women’s bathrooms at a shopping mall filming women, um, doing their business. MSN…

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Rape culture involves making targets feel bad about their boundaries

don't want you to make me uncomfortable.jpg
Meme being circulated by those in favour of making multiple-stall/cubicle restrooms and changing rooms either ‘gender-neutral’ or open to anyone on the basis of self-asserted ‘gender identity’


FYI, if you support forwarding this meme, you support rape culture.

An inherent part of rape culture is trying to put on the defensive those who raise concerns about predatory behaviour happening in front of or to them (or policy which enables it), or are in the classes of people most predated on (women and children), who might also conceivably object. The aim is to make them feel as though they are doing something wrong.

Accordingly, those invested in rape culture need to make targets and potential targets feel upfront – even ahead of time – that their boundaries and concerns are wrong. Preparing ground by ensuring that potential targets know to feel badly about thinking critically of them, and don’t gather allies against predation (but maybe even distance themselves from likely allies), is a common activity of predators.

Predators and their enablers achieve this quite easily when they apply a ‘reversal’ to what’s really going on, by making the targets/ targetted classes sound like the predatory ones.

Those who’ve been studying and opposing rape culture know why – it’s because the targetted classes are those least likely to be automatically believed and supported. Whereas men, who are the bulk of predators, usually get automatic acceptance of whatever they say.

These reversals about predatory behaviour are so standard that many will recognise common forms: women seeking to set sex-based boundaries will be jeered at as “wanting to do panty checks”. Men who did not get the outcome they wanted in propositioning women may jeer about them as “thinking every man wants them”. The goal is to prevent any possible broader agreement with the women’s “no”, and sometimes to punish her for that “no”. Either way, she learns that a “no” will get her negative and isolating consequences.

Predators and their enablers also work to focus sympathy on the perps. Where these are male (as they usually are), this is especially easy, given our society’s expectation that women devote our time disproportionately to welfare work and, especially, to supporting males.

It is marked how trans supporters work overtime to promote the narrative that anyone concerned about ‘gender inclusive’ policy changes to restroom/locker-room usage is really calling all trans people predators. The narrative serves its purpose of making critics (mostly women) look bad, while keeping attention diverted from the real problems of allowing males to be in females’ facilities purely on the basis of their self-declared ‘gender identity’.

Making women’s supporters work overtime repeating basic facts about the numerous reports of male predation in female restroom/ changing facilities, and about the far more limited justification for the claim that male-on-transwomen predation in male facilities is common, is part of rape culture. This information is easily available via googling.


Man in drag claims to have slept with “gold star lesbians”

Purple Sage

The commenter Carrie-Anne just told me about the YouTube video channel called Girlfriends TV, which is run by lesbians and is rather light and fluffy and sex-pozzie. They have a video called Would You Date a Lesbian With a Penis? in which they interview a man in drag who is very careful to speak in a womanly voice and hide his man hands while he says some preposterous things about being a “lesbian” with a penis.

For example, he says “I’ve been with women who are bisexual, lesbians who were with men prior, but that isn’t always the case. I’ve been with a few gold-star lesbians as well.”

What?!?! How is it possible that a man has been with a gold-star lesbian? A gold star lesbian is a lesbian who has never touched dick. Fucking hell, he is so delusional. I’m gonna go ahead and say something really twanzphobic here:…

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Memes, pop culture and violating women’s boundaries

An ongoing theme in trans politics, which we have covered here before, is that of violating women’s boundaries, deception, and women’s alleged stupidity for not assuming and accepting this as normal. Here, an Australian feminist discusses the intersection of this (via the latest social media meme discussion) and pop culture constructions of romance:

planting peace screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-03-28 19-42-04.png
On Facebook here

This is an interesting tactic and I’ve heard it being used before. I was at a feminist meeting, arguing for my right to hold a discussion group that was for women only. When all the pro-“trans” members’ arguments had failed, one of them laughed smugly and told me that if a “trans woman” did attend my group then I probably wouldn’t even realise that they were “trans”.

I thought about what she said over time and realised that I felt gross thinking about that scenario. Imagine that I’ve said that I don’t want men attending my group, so what a man does is he puts on his best “woman” disguise and turns up anyway, spends the whole time feeling smug, and then afterwards tells his friends how he had tricked me into letting him do what I specifically asked him not to do, and they all laugh together at me.

Of course, I grew up with those shitty movies and TV shows that tell you how it’s so funny when men perve on women or when they lie and trick us into doing romantic or sexual things with them, things to which we might not have agreed had we known the truth. I’ve also experienced a number of men over time feeling smug while telling me how horrified I would be if I ever learned the true extent of what men talk about and what they do when women aren’t there to witness it. But in this scenario it’s not just “the boys” who are laughing at my expense, it’s a man and the women around him, women who manage to hold a serious face while calling themselves “feminists”.

The chances are good that you in fact haven’t shared a bathroom with a “trans” person, and if you ever do, you’ll probably notice it. So I think that we’ve got to wonder what’s up with this threat, and why anyone would think it appropriate for a movement that purports to be about fighting “oppression”.