Transwomen aren’t safe in women’s bathrooms.

We’ve killed too many of them.

It’s time to make amends and insure that transwomen have a safe space to pee.

So please copy this poster and paste on every men’s bathroom you can.

Only you can stop the madness

Liberate the men’s room


Assigned Male Comics now uses Orlando

No doubt you’ve seen this atrocious offering around the place, despite transwomen having constituted very few, if any, of the victims of the homophobic terrorist attack in Orlando.


We suggest this is a more accurate interpretation:


Memes and soothing people into agreement

Some thoughts (on behalf of this admin only) on the memes which say something like “we support the rights of trans people to live their lives in peace; we just want to keep female spaces”.

I can see more point for having used these about 15 years ago. But these days, the male transgender identity/purpose is socially constructed as being more about staking further claims on women’s lives, time, energy, services, territory and bodies. This doesn’t make us the ones who don’t want to let “trans” people alone, but it does mean their identity is constructed antagonistically to female bodies, lives and spaces.

In the ‘transsexual era’, a large part of the trans identity was about pursuing safety for gay and gay-perceived men. This remains the case to varying extents around the world, but it is proportionally dwindling. I am certainly not arguing that we should use crude expressions that deny female transgenderism, nor the extremely coerced transgenderism where men cannot openly be gay. But I can’t see any purpose in making arguments which suggest that proponents of the trans movement genuinely think we want to stop trans-identifying people from living a peaceful life so long as they treat others right. That we can straighten out this mess with a simple meme about our intentions.

The issue is in fact that proponents of this movement – and I do not mean trans people only, but the many others who are invested in it, including the many non-trans males who just love the opportunity to heap on “TERFs” – have politics which are based on male rights over females. Are based on disallowing females our own spaces, bodies and freedom. [For a whole range of reasons – for instance, pro-trans pharmaceutical interests simply treat females as collateral damage in the fight to maximize their profits.]

Trans politics being based on male supremacy over women means various things, including the denials and bodily affronts to trans females – but also that Western male trans identity is constructed around male-socialized expectations about their rights over women. Even more so than 15 years ago, when many ‘trans’ males only expected to be treated as women on a ‘passing’ basis, and accorded those rights, if they had had very impressive surgery in many places.

Which means that gender abolitionists need to work by discussing male socialization. And the reality of what the male transgender identity now means, in many countries. Yes, we need to be careful not to discuss it too crudely or deny the variations. But we need to talk about it rather than pretending trans supporters are just confused about our intentions. They’re not going to respond with “oh you just want female spaces, that’s all? Well carry on, then”. It’s the spaces and autonomy they oppose.

Gender abolitionists need to promote discussion of the realities of male predation on females (including what statistics really say about where predation occurs, and to whom), and the likely impact of ‘gender identity’ legislation in the context of male supremacy. We need to focus on the real predators on trans people, and on the capitalist interests which push ‘gender identity’ as commodity and therapy, while selling hormones and pills and sex stereotypes and misery.

We need to push facts out there. A “there, there” calming attitude towards aggressors is not going to fix it, because their aggression is motivated by trying to control us. They have not “lost control of their anger” due to misunderstanding the situation. The anger is calculated. Sometimes it’s a woman who fears that if she does not make a show of distancing herself from us, she will come under attack next. We need to understand that, and distinguish it from a man who is acting not out of similar fear, but in order to continue using the trans phenomenon to maintain his social position. Regardless of the conscious intentions of ‘owners’ of identities, their social construction means they serve particular material interests. So we also need to develop the ability to discuss this in a way that distinguishes social purpose from known individual purpose.

Women-only spaces now

Women and girls in shelters because of homelessness and/or male-pattern abuse, and women in prisons, are especially at risk. We don’t agree with trivialising the matter to be solely about restrooms, important to women’s public participation as they are.

Defend the rights of women and children!