CPS Schools Project: The Erasure Of Sex And The Silencing Of Girls

The Crown Prosecution Service has devised lesson plans for pupils aged 11-16 to teach them awareness of hate crimes towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils. The CPS Schools Project is a free educational resource pack developed with the help of Gendered Intelligence, Stonewall and the Ministry of Justice and includes dramatised scenarios, a power point and a full teaching pack from which we have taken the quotes below. It includes extensive training in both recognising, and understanding sentencing guidelines for hate crimes, together with role-play scenarios where pupils can play the part of police arresting someone on hate crime charges.

Although we agree with the aim of raising awareness of homophobic bullying and its impact on targeted pupils, the issue is not so simple when it comes to defining ‘transgender hate crime.’ Accepting and respecting someone as gay or lesbian is not the same as accepting that a boy is a girl.

Being forced to accept and agree with another person’s personal identity when it contradicts biological reality has particularly serious implications for girls. Sex-segregated facilities are established as part of basic safeguarding policies, specifically to protect girls in situations where they are physically vulnerable. To suddenly say that a boy is female does not change the fact that he is male.

Trans activists will insist that there have been no recorded incidents of ‘transwomen’ assaulting women in public toilets or changing rooms. Of course that is not true, but the point is irrelevant anyway: this guidance gives any man or boy an easy means to access girls’ private spaces, based only on his own self-declared ‘gender identity’ which nobody is allowed to challenge.

Under the guise of protecting ‘LGBT’ pupils, the CPS schools project is in reality the thinly disguised promotion of a trans activist agenda; explicitly in regard to male rights to access female spaces, together with the enforcement of a blanket ‘affirmation only’ response to trans-identified young people. The obfuscating definition of ‘lesbian’ (quoted below) also implicitly supports the manipulation of young lesbians to accept males as sexual partners or be seen as ‘transphobic.’ This teaching resource takes that agenda into schools.

We have analysed the document to show exactly what messages girls will be getting from these lessons; use of bold is ours and our comments are in italics.


Article continues at CPS Schools Project: The Erasure Of Sex And The Silencing Of Girls – Transgender Trend


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