Trans Activists Stalk & Harass Cathy Brennan in Olympia, WA (USA)

Olympia can be such a stupid town.

Gender Identity Watch

In 2017, trans activism means organizing / participating in activities intended to intimidate and threaten lesbians who refuse to repeat the lie that transwomen are women and therefore can be lesbians.


Trans activism means prioritizing the feelings of men who assert they are lesbians (or “sometimes” lesbians, which is garbage) over lesbians’ right to self-definition and autonomy.  It means framing lesbians and lesbian sexuality as “transphobic” while asserting that “all identities should be validated and respected.”  It’s about forcing lesbians to accept the absolute lie that “some women have penises” and that if we don’t like “women” with penises then we are “vagina fetishists” and “bigots.”  No, not sorry, women do not have penises, and lesbians do not like dick.

It means monitoring and reporting on the whereabouts and activities of individual lesbians, such as Cathy Brennan, under the guise of creating a safer environment for all…

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After the Women’s March: things are moving very fast

freer lives

The Women’s March: three million in the USA, 100,000 in London, countless smaller rallies elsewhere. It was flooded with  first-timers, carrying homemade placards, a rallying point for people concerned about education, climate change, corruption, the US Supreme Court, health care, nuclear power and racism. But front and centre was Trump’s war on women, particularly around sexual harassment and abortion rights.

For millions of women it’s a first step towards a deeper, more political awareness of women’s oppression, but also the power of mass action to shake the establishment and actually change things. Raising loud and clear the issues of harassment and abortion also have the potential to draw in a much larger number of working class women who relate to both issues but are so far still on the sidelines. The fledgling movement has a forward momentum and huge potential.


All this talk of pussy hats and abortion has affronted transgender activists…

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The DWR Feminist Quote of the Day – On Patriarchy

Dead Wild Roses

“There absolutely is a shared experience universal to all women under patriarchy. No matter what culture or religion or location, we all grow up with the pervasive message that we were made for men. This starts at our birth and ends when we die, and this is the experience every woman has in common.”



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Same homophobia, different day

Purple Sage

Found in Gay American History by Jonathan Katz, p196–197, quoted from a study on female homosexuality from 1967 by eight psychiatrists and psychologists, headed by Dr. Harvey E. Kaye. Paper presented to the Society of Medical Psychoanalysts in New York.

“A comparison study was made of a group of 24 female homosexual patients in psychoanalysis with a group of 24 female nonhomosexual patients. The questionnaire method was utilized, with the patients’ analysts filling out the questionnaires. Our goal was geared toward the establishment of basic clinical data in this area, keeping highly inferential theoretical considerations at a minimum. Within the limitations of the methodological and statistical factors inherent in such a study, the following is a summation of our findings and conclusions.

Homosexuality in women, rather than being a conscious volitional preference, is a massive adaptational response to a crippling inhibition of normal heterosexual development…

Along this vein, we have…

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A Call To Feminine Men To Erase Trans Madness

Smashing Gender Prejudice And Patriarchy

Most people who know me in real life know I like a drink and a laugh as shown above. Sometimes there’s things that stop me having a laugh and drink and that includes trans madness.

Their madness needs to end! It needs to end now!

When I first came out I was confused about how to identify. Maybe I was a woman? Then I started to look deeper into coming out as trans. That journey was a dark one to say the least! It was a journey that saw me come across abusive men dressing as women, sexual perverts and even those that talked about hating radical feminists.

It was a journey that needed to be taken and one that saw me remove myself from the transgender madness that is so rife and being supported by so many people. In fact it left me rather depressed. So where was I…

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“I’ve given plenty of trans girls shots from my supply”: creepy behavior in the trans community

Transgender Reality

As adults, we know that people on the internet aren’t always who they claim to be, and that they don’t always have our best interests in mind. For young people, like teenagers, who can be both naive and impulsive, this is not always immediately obvious. Predatory males exist all over the internet, also in the transgender communities. We have already seen that there are plenty of young teens posting to these communities, and after being exposed to them for a while, many of them start wanting to take hormones. How convenient that there are older people (males) available to offer their assistance!

The person in the first two screenshots is an adult male, and a moderator of several trans and LGBT subreddits.

ol, my T levels are thru the basement, i dont take any AAs. and i do shots, so if you want me to jab you with a very sharp needle and load you up with two weeks of SUPER GIRL JUICE, then come on over. lord knows i've given plenty of trans girls, plenty of shots from my supply.

The same 42 year old male offering a 13 year old to come to his apartment in exchange for prescription medication.

shit, with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, i need to rename it Drewie's House Of Wayward Trangirls.

Another example of creepy behavior: an 18 year…

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Transing of Children, Teens and Young Adults is Inherently Wrong


I am furious about the cheer-leading being currently done by Transgender Advocates regarding children, teens and young adults. I have a huge problem with the expressed lack of concern over definite and possible negative effect of off-label drugs which are being prescribed for children, teens and young adults who are assessed to be uncomfortable with their gender role and/or gender nonconforming. These off label drugs are being prescribed NOT FOR THE PURPOSE THE DRUGS WERE INTENDED OR APPROVED FOR. I am also upset because surgeries such a mastectomies, hysterectomies, phalloplasties, vaginoplasities all have dangerous possible effects. And these surgeries are now being carried out on healthy young bodies.

With the “transing” of children, teens and young adults, using these medications and, sometimes undertaking these dangerous surgeries, the medical and pharmaceutical community is definitely creating a cohort of experimental medical patients. My life experience and medical/nursing education and experience scream at…

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Book Review: Leaving Normal—Adventures in Gender

Purple Sage

This year I want to start reviewing books by lesbians. If you have any recommendations, please send them along!

I am very pleased with the first lesbian book I have read this year which is Leaving Normal : Adventures in Gender by Rae Theodore, who blogs at

Leaving Normal : Adventures in Gender is a creative nonfiction memoir that presents scenes from the life of a butch lesbian who went through a long coming-out process. This book is light-hearted and enjoyable to read, and provides an excellent illustration of life as a tomboy and the process of coming to terms with one’s sexual orientation after a period of denial. If you are familiar with her blog then you know that she has a pleasant writing style and sense of humor.

Theodore describes herself as being in between man and woman. It’s not easy to describe the feeling of…

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Shriveled raisins: The bitter harvest of “affirmative” care


by the parents of 4thWaveNow

Note to readers: This is another in an ongoing series of posts which shine a light on the public statements made by gender specialists in various forums. The aim here, as always, is to inform the public, particularly parents, about the actions and self-reported thoughts and plans of individuals who are currently involved in providing hormones and surgeries to minors. All screen captures are from publicly accessible (i.e. not password-protected or otherwise private) websites. We intend to continue to exercise our free-speech right to report on these public statements, as well as publishing our personal opinions on pediatric transition and those who enable and promote it.

To anyone who may object to our work in this area, hear this: The backlash represented by 4thWaveNow, Transgender Trend, Youth Gender Professionals, and the increasing number of individuals and organizations who question the burgeoning increase in…

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