Transing the dead: The erasure of gender-defiant role models from history


This is a guest post by frequent 4thwavenow commenter Carrie-Anne Brownian, a thirtysomething historical novelist, historian, and lover of many things from bygone eras (except for the sexism, racism, and homophobia).  She can be found at Welcome to My Magick Theatre, where she primarily blogs about writing, historical topics, names, silent and early sound cinema, and classic rock and pop; and at Onomastics Outside the Box, where she blogs about names and naming-related issues. Her only child, a 16-year-old spider plant named Kalanit, has thankfully never had any issues with her gender identity!

 by Carrie-Anne Brownian

A most disturbing development in the current climate of transactivist zealotry has been the posthumous transing of famous gender-defiant women.  Women such as Joan of Arc, Mulan, Carson McCullers, Radclyffe Hall, Mountain Charley (Elsa Jane Forest Guerin), George Sand, and Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt…

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I Dare You

My Only Path to Power

Dear third wave feminists, LGBQ community, LGBTQ allies, liberals, and assorted other regular people:

Do you believe that any of the following things are true? It’s a rhetorical question, because I know for a fact that some of you believe some of these things. But bear with me for a moment.

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Exactly Who is Trans?


(Img via thegenderbook@tumblr)

Almost overnight the topics of gender identity and transgender bathroom access became national headlines, and for the past year, the trans lobby has used memes, slanderous articles, and political force to shut down and label as bigots anyone who voiced a concern about one’s gender identity being used to access sex-segregated spaces instead of one’s biological sex.  It has also spent a great deal of time reiterating the dangers that transwomen face in restrooms with other biological males, while ignoring the dangers that women also face from males, and decrying that transwomen JUST WANT TO PEE!  But what exactly does transgender mean and who all does it include?
According to the National Center for Trans Equality (NCTE), “the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization” for trans people, the term transgender refers to “people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically associated…

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Walking through a frame …

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

This morning I was walking along a neighbourhood street, beside a park.  Ahead of me on the sidewalk were two youngish women, one of whom was pushing a stroller.  As I walked by them, the youngster in the stroller called out “boy”, and when there was no response from its mother, repeated “boy”, and again, “boy.”  When there had opened some distance between us, I could hear the women speaking in low volume to each other.  I imagined that they hadn’t wanted to correct the child within my earshot, presumably not to embarrass me.  I wouldn’t have been embarrassed, though.

In the vernacular of trangenderism, I was misgendered, and if I were a transgendered person, I would have felt this as a bigoted, even vicious, attack on my identity.

I am not transgendered.  I am a woman.  I am a woman who has been “misgendered” since I was a child. …

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18 year old man accused of two rapes suddenly declares himself a woman while waiting trial

Responses to responses to questions for FtMs: Part 1

Purple Sage

This summer I was watching a lot of FtM videos and they led me to write this post: Questions for FtMs. I honestly wasn’t expecting any responses, but a few people have responded. Thanks! The responses were pretty thoughtful and sincere and they were interesting to read. The only things I was unsatisfied with were that sometimes people tried to answer generally for all FtMs rather than sharing their own perspective, and several people answered the questions for lesbians even though they weren’t lesbian. That was question #8, and perhaps I should have worded it better to be more clear, but I intended people who are bisexual or exclusively attracted to men to skip that question.

There is something I want to address right up front. Commenter Daniel wrote: “I’m not surprised you haven’t gotten many satisfactory answers to these questions. While the questions themselves are asked reasonably, it…

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LGBT Leaders Split Over ‘Dropping the T’: Buzzfeed report



Dominic Holden of Buzzfeed has published a blockbuster report outlining the split between top-funded LGBT lobbying groups over their ongoing battle to force women to give up areas segregated by sex for women’s privacy and protection from epidemic male sexual violence against women (changing rooms, showers, locker rooms, restrooms, hospital rooms, homeless shelters, lesbian services, domestic violence refuges, prison cells, etc) in order that men who desire to impose themselves on the women in those spaces would enjoy the right to do so.

Turns out the plan of convincing women and girls that male violation of female privacy is actually a Good Thing hasn’t panned out too well, and women still don’t want strange men exposing their dicks and they still don’t like strange males watching them as they wrestle out of a wet bathing suit in the locker room at the YMCA.

This, even though it’s been explained to…

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