Woman Defined as Fuckable Object

My Only Path to Power

“I’m tired of people accusing me of voting with my vagina,” my ex said in a social media thread endorsing Hillary Clinton.

His vagina. “You don’t have a vagina,” I said. He unfriended and blocked me.

Pretending to have a vagina is a salient feature of this transgender business. MtFs aren’t satisfied being gender non-conforming men. And they aren’t satisfied with the idea that they are transwomen, as in people born male who identify as women, as people different from natal women in the ways that they are in fact different. Being a transwoman is not good enough; they want to be indistinguishable from women. The goal is not to tell the world that they are nurturing or kind or that they like to knit or wear pink. Because men can do those things. The end goal is to tell the world that they have a vagina.

Clothing, hormones, surgery, and comments…

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“People aren’t thinking deeply enough about their sexuality” – more cotton ceiling from transactivists

Transgender Reality

This blog has previously covered the “cotton ceiling” – the idea that having  a preference for partners of a specific biological sex is bigoted and transphobic. The idea is particularly often used against lesbians. This piece on the website “Feministing” explains why women are wrong if they have a preference for only dating people with vaginas.

The author admits that some women do not want to date bepenised individuals because of traumatic experiences. Don’t worry though, your trauma isn’t reality-based! Sex also isn’t about bodies.

I get why a lot of female assigned folks exist in this frame for reasons that aren’t overtly about undermining trans identities.There’s a ton of gender based trauma out there, and I understand that folks associate this with cis men, and not with trans men. But that’s not a reality-based approach to gender. A lot of that trauma gets easily linked to…

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Non-binary identity and gender critical feminism: similarities and differences

Purple Sage

A “gender therapist” who is selling a book to help people figure out what their gender identity is, has written a helpful post for people who think they might be non-binary. (I’m not linking just to avoid sending a trackback to her site, but you can easily find her by searching for the quotes below.)

“What does it mean to be Non-Binary?

To be able to explain “non-binary” let’s first define “binary.”

“Binary,” in regards to gender identity, refers to being either female or male. Woman or man. Girl or boy. “Bi” = two, meaning these are the only options for gender that exist.

Or so we thought.”

She is mixing up gender and sex. A person’s sex is whether they are biologically male or female; that is, whether they produce sperm or ova. Male and female are not identities or feelings, they are accurate descriptions of reproductive anatomy. It…

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