Women perceived to be LGBTI are 30% less likely to be called for job interview

Stop Trans Chauvinism believes it’s important for us to explore the social treatment of girls and women who are perceived as violating femininity mandates. Not only is “gender identity” increasingly defined in such a sex-stereotype-endorsing way that we are often told that flouting sex stereotypes makes us the other sex, but women often receive more subtle signals and covert punishment for being perceived as even potentially transgressive of these prescribed roles.

For instance, NYU doctoral student Emma Mishel recently undertook research on employment discrimination against women perceived as gender-nonconforming, with nasty results.

Even she was shocked, and she noted that “the discrimination rate remained about the same regardless of whether the job came from a liberal or conservative state, and regardless of whether that state held a relevant anti-discrimination law protecting LGBT people in the workplace.”


At GAYSTARBUSINESS, David Hudson writes:

A new US study has concluded that LGBT women are 30% less likely to be called back for interview when applying for admin and clerical jobs.

Researcher Emma Mishel, a doctoral student in the sociology program at New York University, applied for 800 open administrative, clerical, and secretarial positions across four states/districts (New York, Virginia, Tennessee, and Washington DC) using two fictional resumes.

Applications were made via five different job websites: CareerBuilder, Idealist, Craigslist, the Washington Post, and Monster.

One resume mentioned that the applicant had been a secretary for her college’s student LGBT organization. The other resume said that the applicant had been a secretary for a different, progressive organization at college. The resumes were otherwise similar but not identical.

They were sent out within two days of each other, and Mishel randomized which resumes were sent out first.

She found that LGBT female applicants – or those perceived to be LGBT because of with the LGBT ‘signal’ on their resume – received about 30% less callbacks than the straight female applicants.

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