Girl transitions to avoid getting periods and being a lesbian

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Oh gawd, I’ve started watching these transition videos and I just can’t help writing about another one.

This is a young girl who didn’t like the female role, was incredibly horrified when she got her first period, and didn’t want to be a lesbian. These are the reasons she gives when asked how she knew she wanted to transition.

“I’ve always been uncomfortable with my body and living as female as long as I can remember… I was very uncomfortable in the female role.”

She describes being in denial about getting a period, and seems to think periods are really terrible. When she got her period she cried and felt “crushed,” “shocked,” and “hurt.” She says there is no word to describe how awful she felt about her period.

Getting her period was “the beginning of the breaking point.” The rest of her breaking point was her mother, who did…

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Guest post: For teen girls with autistic traits — a plea for watchful waiting


This guest post by 4thWaveNow community member neverfallingforit is second in a series exploring the increasingly well known connection between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and gender dysphoria (or other gender-related issues).

 Many of us have shared observations that our kids show signs of ASD. Unfortunately, the current treatment paradigm tends to view ASD as no barrier to “transitioning” kids and young adults.

 A word about the title of this post. The current approach fostered by WPATH is generally referred to as “watchful waiting” with regard to diagnosing younger children as transgender. While this sounds like a hands-off approach, in reality “watchful waiting,” to trans activists and many gender specialists,  often includes the use of “preferred pronouns,” “social transition,” and (frequently) puberty blockers. Once these kids reach adolescence, “watchful waiting” ends and the path to full medical transition becomes available.

There is much that is still unexplored (and unstudied) about…

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Australia: Trans beauty pageant criticized for offering gender reassignment surgery

The individual plastic surgery spokesperson who criticized this pageant may have been genuine, but there’s no doubt that overall, the plastic surgery industry benefits from transgenderism, and promotes it for that reason. See, for example, this 2015 article by GenderTrender heroine Gallus Mag, on WPATH’s sponsors.

And look at who one of the sponsors of this Australian event is:

Miss gay and miss transsexual australia sponsors2


The competition’s two events clearly promote a type of ‘female impersonation’ that equates womanhood with exaggerated ‘femininity’, styling and posing.

Miss gay and miss transsexual australia about.JPG


Who knows what the fuck a “credible female onstage persona” is in this context, though.  The difference between this and women’s beauty pageants, of course, is that for women they represent an extreme of what we are routinely socially pressured into. For these contestants, however, it is entertainment and funsies.




Trans beauty pageant criticized for offering gender reassignment surgery

By LGBTQ Nation · Friday, January 29, 2016

The grand prize has been blasted as "irresponsible."

The grand prize has been blasted as “irresponsible.”

The Miss Gay and Ms. Transsexual Australia 2016 offers gender reassignment surgery as their grand prize, and they’re taking a lot of heat from people who think they’re trivializing a major surgery.

The pageant has been called out by president of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Hugh Bartholomeusz, who blasted the grand prize as “irresponsible.”

He also claims gender reassignment surgery “is not something to be entered into lightly and requires multiple expert consultations with both surgeons and psychologists.”

Bartholomeusz also took aim at the use of an overseas facility to perform the surgery:

“The Society also warns Australians that any form of surgery carries risks and when people travel overseas for operations there are less likely to be appropriate cooling off periods and adequate provision for after care should complications occur.”

The pageant is a part of the LGBT-oriented Midsumma festival, and founder Gayzha Davao struck back at the claims, telling the Herald Sun:

“I’m not really in a position to say whether the hospitals in Thailand would be inferior compared to Australia, because they’re all good hospitals. They’re also really quick, and I think the hospital is really safe; we’ve had people who went there and got good results.”


Warning: possible TMI for some, if the Pat Califia mention didn’t give it away.

But this is very relevant to transgenderism and one of its core assumptions, which is that one can individually role-play away socially constructed hierarchies.


Words by Maria Catt

I’ve been thinking about my heart a lot lately. I had to list descriptors of myself in this career guidance class I’m taking, it was sort of a free writing exercise, and this is seriously what I wrote:

“I am hard. I am tough and weird. I am a weirdo. I am done. I am hardened. I am smart. I am annoyed. I am out for myself. I am going to win. I am bled dry. I am ready to begin again.”

Now here’s the thing about me- the best part of me is my heart. I have a lot of other stuff that’s pretty cool about me- I’m a good writer, I can tell a joke,  I’m tough, I’m smart. But the best part of me is that when people are in pain I’ll go there with them. I won’t leave them alone there. Looking over my life, and…

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IRELAND: Schools advised to have gender neutral toilets and uniforms to support transgender pupils

Commentary: This is ANOTHER instance of setting aside the needs of girls in order to cater to the fantasies of male students about their own identities. Where these guidelines are implemented, any girl expressing discomfort with having a boy change in the same facilities as her is forced to use an alternative, ‘unisex’, single-stalled facility (if possible).

The assumption is that any girl making this request has, by default, accused the male child of inappropriate behaviour, rather than doing so out of understandable privacy concerns, especially relating to the changing bodies of teen girls. And so, any girl with the bravery to support her boundaries will find herself forced to justify accusations against the boy which she may well not have made.

For male children to pressure their way into facilities where they might see girls naked is of course not appropriate behaviour, and for girls to note inappropriate behaviour is, of course, quite reasonable. But girls may simply wish to preemptively ask for privacy before they are forced into this inappropriate intimacy, and/or to avoid the stress of speaking up against particular behaviour. Placing girls into this position where they need to be advocates for their own basic rights when boys have the privilege of focussing on learning is discriminatory.

Forcing a girl to use facilities away from the other girls is also a form of bullying.


Schools advised to have gender neutral toilets and uniforms to support transgender pupils

New guidelines have been launched to help schools support LGBT students.

Image: Shutterstock/Zurijeta

THE DEPARTMENT OF Education has published guidelines for schools on how to support LGBT students.

Being LGBT in School was compiled in conjunction with Glen, the Gay and Lesbian Equality network.

It provides advice for teachers on how to support a child who comes out as LGBT, and how to deal with bullying in this area.

The report notes that transgender students “should be able to access toilet and changing facilities that correspond with their gender identity”.

“Being able to access gender neutral toilets may be particularly important during transition; gender neutral toilets might be provided by re-naming a disability toilet as a unisex toilet/changing facility.

“While some transgender students will want this arrangement, others will not be comfortable with it and consequently these students should be provided with a safe and adequate alternative, such as a single ‘unisex’ toilet facility where this is possible. This should not be a staff toilet facility.”

The report notes that the use of toilet and changing facilities “often causes most debate around the inclusion of transgender students”.

Other students and their families may feel uncomfortable with a transgender student using the same gender-specific facilities. This discomfort may be rooted in an unfounded assumption of inappropriate behaviour on the part of the student who is transgender and consequently it is not a reason to deny access to the transgender student. However, it is important to address this discomfort and to foster understanding of gender identity in order to create a school culture that respects and values all students and prevents transphobic bullying.

In terms of uniforms, the report states that transgender students “should be permitted to wear a uniform that is consistent with their gender identity”.

It notes that this “will present more of a challenge” for some schools than others.

“For many schools variation in the uniform is available (i.e. trousers, skirts and tracksuits). In a single-sex school context, varied uniform options may not be readily available.

“Any special accommodations should be worked out with the student and his/her parents/guardians. At a minimum a gender neutral option should be offered. For example single-sex girls’ schools may need to consider allowing trousers to be worn. Single-sex boys schools may need to consider a variation in uniform options.”

The guidelines also encourage teachers to talk openly about LGBT issues.

The most supportive thing you can do is to not allow homophobic/transphobic name-calling in any situation. The use of the term ‘gay’ as a derogatory term is frequent, widespread and largely unchallenged in many schools. Students need to be made aware that using such language is offensive to people who are gay or LGBT even if offence was not intended.

Self-esteem and mental health 

Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan launched the report. She said the resource “will support schools in the implementation of my department’s anti-bullying procedures, by providing support to key members of school staff on addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying and on supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students”.

It is important that we create a positive culture and climate in our schools where all students feel accepted and welcome regardless of their background or sexual orientation.

Sandra Irwin-Gowran, Glen’s director of education, said: “Every classroom in every school has young people who are LGBT. School life for many of these young people is still very difficult, often with serious consequences for the self-esteem and mental health of the most vulnerable.

“We hope that young LGBT people in our schools will see this resource as a beacon of hope that the goodwill that now exists among the educational community and the broad Irish public will result in transformed school climates that fully include and value them.”

Kevin Logan’s Gynocracy


Kevin Logan and the ‘male feminists’ of Youtube regularly go after Thunderfoot aka Phil Mason and other MRA’s for their anti-feminist views while perpetuating the same attitudes and crap arguments they do.  Kevin Logan can point out flaws in other people’s arguments but resorts to MRA strawman-type arguments in order to shout down women and girls.

In this video, Kevin makes a bale of hay.

Go to 46:10 and listen for a few minutes.

The best part was his set up. He’s a feminist because he’s able to learn dammit! He’s able to LOLgically see the world for what it is, uh, except for, uh, those nasty women and girls who want privacy rights. And those would be TERFS! He despises those privileged bigots who get video recorded and assaulted by males in what’s supposed to be a legally private space.

He also doesn’t get that men claiming to be women are invading…

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Transwoman rapes 13 yr old boy, is identified in press as a woman