who killed the world?

Warped Nectar

no refuge
from the onslaught
breaking us down
waiting for the day we no longer claim womanhood–

until the day we call ourselves Men.

being a Man
is to be the manifestation of destruction,
the killer of worlds,
macroscopic, microscopic
and everything between.

breed more Hate
encourage Dominance,
no matter the cost

To the Men with Front Holes,
you are not targeted
for Sexual Slavery and Death;
You are not a Victim;

These things afflict us all Equally,
as Men;
We are All killers.
There are only Predators,
and the Prey has gone extinct.

no humanity, just Mankind;

they want us to march,
to march with them
and sing murder
to the beat of hearts stopping:


it’s all We know.

Erase the Existence of the Female;
She was never a Woman;
There were never any women;
Womanhood is but a costume Men wear.

kill the world and…

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#ThankaFeminist Australia 2015

REAL for women

thankafeminist*BRISSC celebrated 40 years of ongoing work and support for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and incest along with Women’s House in Brisbane in 2015, with their work extending into the community. We would also like to thank BRISSC for:

*Caroline Norma, lecturer in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University. Many thanks for:

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Crap apps and female email

language: a feminist guide

Between 1997 and 2001, users of Microsoft Office were provided with an ‘assistant’ in the form of an animated paperclip. ‘Clippy’, as this character was affectionately known, popped up whenever you typed ‘Dear…’ into Word, to make the helpful observation: ‘hey! It looks as if you’re writing a letter!’ To which most people in the world had the same response: ‘of course I’m writing a letter you annoying piece of shit, now sod off and let me get on with it’. Eventually Microsoft got the message, and Clippy got the sack.

I was reminded of Clippy this week when I read about a new Chrome extension called ‘Just Not Sorry’. If this product came with a pop-up assistant, it would say: ‘hey! It looks as if you’re writing a female email!’

I’m not kidding: Just Not Sorry is designed to help women avoid weak and powerless language in…

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Gender and Family Farms – I love the Smell the Patriarchy in the Morning

Dead Wild Roses

tallgrass   JSTOR Daily – News with a scholarly slant.  Damn Son, I’m going to be all over that site. 🙂

From the article on Gender and Family Farms:

“Scott writes that all 23 women interviewed for the paper described doing both male and female chores. Men, on the other hand, talked mostly about male labor. Unless specifically asked, only a third of the men interviewed mentioned any work traditionally done by women. One apple grower described his orchard as a one-man business that his son would eventually inherit, with his wife and daughter only minimally involved. But, in a separate interview, his wife said that while her husband and son took care of the trees, she handled seedlings in the nursery, coordinated sales, hired seasonal labor, kept the books, and helped make decisions. She also mentioned that their daughter ran the farm’s fruit stand.

The men were also more…

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Male approval of transwomen is predictably patriarchal.


Men, including men on the left, have always hated feminism, have always been misogynists, and will always support activism which harms women.

For example, why are men so supportive of TW in women’s spaces, yet these same men have never been concerned with including women in the spaces occupied by men for centuries? If TW are just women as it’s always stated, then where is this mass support for other issues regarding women  from TW supporting males……? TW it seems are therefore NOT actually women by their own supporters hypocritical standards – they are however a very trendy and more importantly, grossly patriarchal cause.

Much of the male support behind TW ‘rights’ is morally bankrupt, all about misogyny and a continuation of the values of subjugation and dominance.

Ultra feminized/sexualized TW are the sort of ‘women’ men want. They are a heterosexual male fantasy.

Research shows 73% of men who…

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