A comment from GenderTrender on the political use of “TERF”

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The use of “terf” is identical to the use of “commie” under McCarthy in the 1950s — IDENTICAL.

McCarthyites could not get power by presenting their message on its own because it was just not palatable to the public; so they created a monster, “The Commie”, to galvanize the gullible and terrorize the intelligent — now you will buy our message because Monsters are coming to get you and if you reject us, then YOU are the Monster. Perfect totalitarian tactics.

Trans has applied this strategy by creating the monstering concept called “Terf” to create terror and intimidation. The application of the terf concept is identical in tone and outcome as the use of the terms “commie” by the 1950s religious/political right wing or “witch” by the 1600s religious/political right wing. “Terf” is being used by Trans which is the 2000s religious/political right wing.

If the public will not buy your message then create a scapegoat so they do not have to buy your message, rather they only have to be convinced to either run in fear from the scapegoat into the arms of that message or be branded as the scapegoat and punished. Same old, same old.

Trans is the most reactionary social phenomenon of the past 40 years. The adult children who run Trans (anyone who challenges us is a terf) and the real children who consume Trans off the internet (gotta be a rebel and kill a terf) will be seen in the future as a classic example of totalitarianism.

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Baby’s First Dildo -courtesy of the Transgender Movement


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  1. As ye ken, I am a commie. I’m also interested in the use of the term in the US in the 1950s and beyond (the right wing media here tends to say “Trot” rather than “commie”). The people so described tend to bear very little resemblance to actual Trotskyists/communists (not possible to be the first without the second, but is possible to be the second without the first).

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  2. TERF is the same thing now. It basically means you’ve said something like “Women menstruate” and that means you have a full-on program of Hatred Against Trans Women.

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    1. TERF is way to mark a woman as a social deviant who it’s publicly acceptable and laudable to treat like a subhuman. Oh she’s a terf, ban her, deplatform her, dont listen to her, call her a cunt and tell her shut up, burn her, and if you defend her, you will get the same.

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