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Gender Identity Watch


Dawn Ennis is a Man who identifies as a Woman who works as a reporter for The Advocate. He has written an article here in which he continues the GLBT tradition of monstering all Women who object to gender identity, falsely asserting that Cathy Brennan “is strongly opposed to civil rights protections for trans people.” Brennan has, in fact, openly campaigned in support of civil rights protections based on gender identity and does not support any form of irrational discrimination against transgender people. Ennis cannot seem to understand that Women can read legislation and form objections to bills based on the fact that such bills – to the extent they override rational concerns about Women’s security and safety by pretending sex does not matter – represent bad public policy for Women.

Ennis’ assertion is demonstrably false, but Men like Ennis have a vested interested in ensuring Lesbians who care about Female…

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How “identity” became everything

fire in my belly

dondawn“The phenomenon of the drag queen dramatically demonstrates such boundary violation. Like whites playing “black face”, he plays at incorporation of the oppressed role without being incorporated in it.” Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology – 1978

Three months ago, ABC news editor Don Ennis walked into work in a dress and a wig and told colleagues he now wanted to be called Dawn. At the time, he said his “female identity” had been ‘a soul-crushing secret’. Now, apparently after a bout of amnesia, Dawn has decided he is, in fact, Don after all.

Don Ennis is a white, middle-aged, middle-class male – in other words, he is a member of the most privileged of social classes. One of the arguments frequently propounded by supporters of MtT* is that no man would *choose* to become a member of a lower social class, ergo – so the argument goes – feelings of being…

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Tweet this shit, or spin these yarns over a craft beer at your favorite sex-positive-poly-queer-trans-feminine bar and grille


(This is a collaboration with the amazingly clever Phonaesthetica.)

About a month ago, AfterEllen.com published a lengthy trans-apologist piece absolving men-who-feel-like-women of all culpability in the destruction of women-only and lesbian space. The article was the usual, run-of-the-mill, “Why all you dykes gotta be so uptight?” bullshit espoused by liberal feminists who are far more concerned with protecting the delicate male ego than supporting women, much less lesbians. Unsurprisingly, the article culminated with the author expressing hope that the word “lesbian” will be diluted to accommodate men and no longer denote “female homosexual.”

The article was the same old trite, man-centric, mental-Cheetos one might find on Everydaymisogyny.com or the TransAdvocate: Lesbians are mean because they don’t want dick. Radical feminists are mean because their politics center women.

Predictably, the author of the AfterEllen.com article cited “internet sensation” Cathy Brennan as being the meanest mean of ALL TIMES, fixating on her…

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No Hunger Strike for Conner MacCalister


No Gender Identity protections for female transgender Connor MacCallister No Gender Identity protections for female transgender Connor MacCalister

A hunger strike was started by ten transgender activists calling themselves “No Pride In Prison” demanding that a male convicted of a violent crime in New Zealand who says he “identifies as female” be transferred to housing among confined females. The man, Jade Follett, was convicted for stabbing another man in the back three times as the victim tried to run away. The two had met via social networking for a sexual encounter. Follett was offered home detention and anger management training for his 21 month sentence but declined it, opting instead for voluntary incarceration.

Hunger strike until death to affirm Gender Identity rights of Jade Follett Hunger strike until death to affirm Gender Identity rights of male Jade Follett

Calls were issued for volunteers who would sit with and administer juices and teas to the “Transwomen” who pledged to die of starvation so the voluntarily confined individual could achieve his…

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Michfest – going home, leaving home

Listening to Lesbians

I close my eyes and I am back in the Michigan woods, lying in fern and leaf litter, listening to the woods and the voices of women. I open my eyes and the shadow of leaves and voices remain while the sounds of Australian birds and the smell of Australian plants intrude. They’re not ferns, but they’re what I have and they are glorious.

Banksia Not remotely fernlike… This year, for my first and only time, I went to Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, started by Lisa Vogel 40 years ago. I had gone with as few expectations as possible, helped by the flurry of activity in the weeks before I left and the daze I walked through the gate in.

The experience was a revelation, in expected and unexpected ways.

While listening to CC Carter sing about her hips, I realised with a rush that this is what representation might feel…

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Meghan Murphy @MeghanEMurphy, Feminist Current @FeministCurrent, & Maggie’s Toronto @MaggiesToronto (Canada)

Gender Identity Watch

Men’s Rights Activists that support the continued sexual exploitation of Women and Children continue to attack feminist Meghan Murphy. The MRAs attacked Murphy a few months ago  for “transphobia” for Murphy’s suggestion that Laverne Cox’s nude photos were not actually empowering. The MRAs also claimed that Murphy’s criticisms of prostitution posed a physical danger to women being trafficked for sex, and were inherently racist and transphobic. Her critics threatened a boycott of her employer, rabble.ca, asking that it fire her from her editorial position.

The MRAs are continuing their campaign against Murphy here. All of this effort is directed at a woman whose only crime is having the opinion that Women and Children should not be sexually exploited.

One of the leading organizing forces, Maggie’s Toronto, received more than 90% of its funding from the government from  2012 to 2014, the most recent years for which statements are public. During that time, Maggie’s has…

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