Hipster misogyny: pretending female bodies don’t exist

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I am female and I have a female body. I know! How retro! Weren’t they last seen in biology textbooks from the 1950s? (My bleeding vagina says no.) I am writing this having just read a trans woman’s response to Laurie Penny’s recent article on trans rights the New Statesman. I am not interested in discussing that particular “controversy”; what interests (and angers) me is the following passage:

The British feminist media cadre — particularly its triumvirate of transphobes whose filter on current events is more or less penis shaped — has given Penny heaps of abuse. I will not link their statements, nor bother to once again speak their names, but I reckon you all know who I mean. And they’ve been utterly hostile to Penny solely for having critical thinking that is resistant to the nostalgic imaginations of feminism’s nature-over-nurture iconification of the True Female Body.

It’s hilarious…

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5 UK women killed with their daughters so far this year – I am sick of hearing about isolated incidents

Karen Ingala Smith

The bodies of Lisa Anthony, 47 and her daughter Ava Anthony, 14 were found in their home in Surrey home, the day after a man believed to be the girl’s father was found dead in France. It is thought he died after them, the police have said that they are not looking for anyone else.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Preston has said:

 “We are in the very early stages of the investigation but we do not believe there to be any threat to the wider community. This is thought to be an isolated incident. We are not currently looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths.”

Not only is Lisa Anthony likely to be at least the 60th UK woman killed by a man or men this year, she the fifth to be killed along with her daughter:

  1. Bernadette Fox, 57, was asphyxiated and her daughter Sarah Fox…

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Dictionaries, dick-tionaries and dyketionaries

language: a feminist guide

Exactly ten years ago, in June 2005, I was contacted by a man from the British Potato Board. He wanted me, in my capacity as a professor of the English language at Oxford University, to endorse the Board’s campaign to get the expression ‘couch potato’ removed from the Oxford English Dictionary. It gave potatoes a bad name, he explained, by suggesting they were unhealthy, when in fact they were virtually a superfood, packed with fibre and vitamin C. The Board wanted the OED to replace ‘couch potato’ with ‘couch slouch’, which would convey the same meaning without unfairly maligning potatoes.

Initially I suspected this was a wind-up; but then a group of people turned up, dressed in potato costumes, to protest outside the offices of the OED’s publisher, Oxford University Press. Basically it was a publicity stunt: I’ve never been sure how serious they were about getting the dictionary…

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“It’s like there’s this whole part of me designed to enable me to dress myself well”

Transgender Reality

In this post we are going to look at some more examples of people wanting to transition to live as the opposite sex, whose desires seem to be rooted in sexist and old-fashioned stereotypes.

First out is this person, who loves “checking out stylish clothes”, and cries at movies. This must mean they are a woman, because only women do such things.


In another comment, the same person states that the reason for wanting a female body is that “if I actually had a female body, I could just relax and be myself”, which seems to involve crying and looking at men’s bodies. This is grossly sexist and homophobic. Why does nobody tell this poster that you don’t need a female body to cry and check out men?


This poster has been “feeling like a woman” for a month, which apparently has a lot to do with loving “pink frilly things and…

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Some questions about ‘activism’ that are always worth asking yourself.

What are we trying to achieve?

I see a lot of activism that is based entirely on emotions. People seem to spend a huge amount of time screaming at others because they want to feel good/happy/comfortable with themselves/etc. How is that measurable? When will you know when it’s been achieved? When you are happy?

What will the world look like when we’ve achieved it?

I see loads of people who clearly think that the world will eventually be made up entirely of people who think like them and speak like them. This isn’t going to happen. So what will the world look like when we’ve achieved whatever it is that we want to achieve?

What information or evidence would change our minds?

This is an interesting question to ask yourself. You can see the almost religious fervour in people such…

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“I identify as a woman but I think vaginas look gross”

Transgender Reality

Often in the media, transgender people are portrayed as being “trapped in the wrong bodies”, having an “unfortunate birth defect” or something similar. People born biologically male want to undergo procedures to make their bodies resemble those of people born female.

Except, of course, for those transgender people who “love the female body”, but find vaginas “gross”, and fully intent to keep their penises. Like this person:


Or this person:


Same person:


This person on Twitter:




Or this person, who doesn’t like “how vaginas look”, but is getting a surgical vagina created anyway.


One has to wonder what it is about the female body people like this “love”, when they talk so casually about finding female reproductive organs and genitals “gross”.

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What About Donya?

amethyst menace

In this BBC news story from 2014, Donya, a lesbian from Iran, now granted asylum in Canada, says, “I was under so much pressure that I wanted to change my gender as soon as possible.” The article casually suggests cross-sex treatment is not mandatory for lesbian and gay Iranians, but the truth emerging is much more complicated, and we know that such mutilation is the only alternative to death and despair for many.

Notice that Donya says she “WANTED” to do this. In her perception, this was a “choice” and she embraced it. Nevertheless her story makes it clear how her perception was manipulated by her culture so her ability to make any real choices based on true information was almost obliterated.

In feminist analyses, it is sometimes taken as axiomatic that women seek cross-sex hormones and medicalized mutilation in a desperate attempt to escape our sex-based oppression. While it…

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TransActive Gender Center wants to sic lawyers on “non-supportive” parents


Jenn Burleton, Executive Director of TransActive, a leading U.S. organization promoting “early transition” of children, posted this today on Burleton’s Facebook page. The organization is seeking

“to establish a network of attorneys with experience in family law/custody disputes who have an interest in helping supportive parents/caregivers protect their transgender and gender diverse children and teens from psychological, emotional and physical trauma inflicted by non-supportive parents/guardians/DHS/CPS, etc.

This will involve a willingness to (in some cases) to provide very low-cost or pro bono representation.
We have an immediate need for assistance in Oregon, however, this initiative seeks to establish a nationwide network.

Burleton, a male-to-female transgender individual, has famously stated that the prepubescent children TransActive “serves” have the cognitive wherewithal to choose permanent sterility.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that Burleton wants to go after parents who are skeptical of pediatric transition. After all, this is the…

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