Brief Intro to the Men’s Rights Movement

Annihilate The Patriarchy!

In the previous months since the mass murder in Isla Vista, CA by the shooter Elliot Rodger on May 24th , many feminist and mainstream media outlets have begun to use a term many of us have yet to see in print—Men’s Rights Activism. At first glance, this looks like a joke invented by a satirical paper to make a mockery of sexism in conservative sources.

However, this is a real phenomenon with very reactionary politics and roots planted in multiple countries across the Western World. A 2013 article from the Daily Beast claims the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is “one of the quirkiest, fastest-growing, and most frustrating civil-rights movements in the Western world today.” (1). Groups have been making many claims that men have allegedly been at the receiving end of most gender based violence since the 1970s.

AVFM anti-feminist poster

This reactionary movement came into the spot light…

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Philomel must lose her tongue to-day: Memory, Memorial, and the Emptiness of Women’s Speech

Jeanne de Montbaston

Nike of Samothrace, from the Louvre collection. Nike of Samothrace, from the Louvre collection.

A few weeks ago, I read a beautiful piece by Sarah Ditum. She explores the ways in which women’s work – partly because it is inherently open-ended, needed to be done over and over – is dismissed, ignored, excluded from historical memorial. Drawing on a parallel history of women’s art, lacemaking and broderie anglaise, which create objects literally ‘spun around nothing’, she sets up a shockingly poignant contrast between the image of frivolous vanity and the reality of relentless, thankless labour. Ditum’s post was written in response to the news that the 2005 memorial to the women of World War II had been defaced, and so she explains how she found herself having to explain to her son why women weren’t originally included on the main memorial itself:

” … [the women] weren’t counted when the Cenotaph went up. Their work was non-work. Just air, like the holes in my lace…

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QotD: It’s more accurately called “having a personality”

Anti-Porn Feminists

So are you saying that nonbinary isn’t a valid gender?

I think that it’s more accurately called “having a personality”.

What is gender? Like, really now, what is it?

It’s a set of predetermined, socially constructed behaviours and roles assigned to members of a certain sex.

Very, very few people ascribe exclusively to their gender roles.

For example:

I love red lipstick, fit’n’flare dresses and high heels. These are coded as “feminine” in gender.

However, I ALSO love science, astrobiology, aviation technology and combat arts – all “masculine” behaviours.

Am I non-binary? Am I gender-queer?

Hardly. It just means I’m an individual with wide and varied tastes and interests – like everyone else on the planet.

I think gender is toxic and I don’t understand why, instead of accepting that fact and working to get away from it, they just make a billion new genders as though that’ll help.


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Sisterhood is still powerful


by Rosie Redstockings


It all started when Owen Jones, being a bell end, wrote a really offensive article in The Guardian. He was responding to the news that MP Simon Danczuk had been caught watching hardcore pornography and, being a bell end, Jones argued that Danczuk had done nothing more than show himself to be “a human being with flaws”. “Why should we care?” asked the bell end, since after all “it’s the political flaws that matter”, and the sexual exploitation of women is not, it seems, a political issue.

It was infuriating. Jones was rightly criticised by many feminists on twitter, and was so angry that they had the nerve to criticise HIM, darling of the lefty media, he ended up accusing lesbians of being homophobes, and feminists of being right wing religious fundamentalists. Right. Thanks dude. I’m not here to go over the rights and…

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Doctor Susan Bradley: “The trans lobby has got us on the run”


Dr. Kenneth Zucker, who runs the gender identity clinic at the Clarke Institute in Toronto, Canada, and Dr. Susan Bradley, one of its founders, have been vilified as “transphobic”  by trans activists because of their caution in prescribing extreme drug and surgery treatments to minors. In fact, the clinic is currently under  “6-month review,” Zucker has been forbidden to speak to the news media, and the Canadian legislature is considering a bill that would outlaw the work of the clinic–even though Zucker and colleagues do prescribe puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to “a significant minority” of their pediatric patients.

Update: The Globe&Mail story was sent by a reader who pointed me to a critical discussion about these doctors here. Apparently Zucker and Bradley subscribe to more conventional views about gender and sex role conformity than I’m comfortable with, yet they seem to be some of the only medical professionals who are questioning the rush to pediatric…

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QotD: “Part of that oppression is the construction of femininity”

Anti-Porn Feminists

Hello, can you please explain your feelings on that quote you just reblogged, about feminine traits? (I understand if you don’t want to spend time explaining it but I would really appreciate it! Thank you either way)

It’s not called feminism because women are “shamed for their feminine traits,” it’s called feminism because we live in a society organized around a hierarchy of the sexes, where males violently subordinate females and oppress us on the basis of our female sex. Part of that oppression is the construction of femininity to make us weaker, less educated, more docile, more encumbered, less powerful, and more subservient. Femininity doesn’t just happen to exist naturally and men don’t just happen to dislike it and shame us for it, it is specifically constructed AS THE MAIN ENGINE OF OUR OPPRESSION and is not natural or innate.

Next Years Girl

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Gender Identity Watch

Iran advanced a bill in its parliament to strengthen legal protections for transgender people in Iran. The Islamic Republic’s decades-old recognition of transsexuality and its financial support for transgender Iranians seeking sex-change procedures reinforces gender and undermines the rights of gay and lesbian people. The new bill, sent to parliament this week, provides transsexual Iranians more robust protections against possible police harassment.

Justice For Iran (JFI) and 6Rang, an Iranian lesbian and transgender network, issued a report in 2014 indicating that Iranian doctors routinely pressure lesbians and gays to undergo sex change operations including sterilisation.

Homosexuality is considered a sin in Iran, but transsexuality is viewed as a legitimate health problem curable through surgery.

Transsexuality was legalised after revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a religious edict in 1985 authorising sex change operations.

Iran carries out among the highest number of sex changes in the world and is the only country that imposes the death penalty for…

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On Vice and “honest” expressions of misogyny and disgust


When I was growing up, my dad had one of those family in-jokes – a “dad joke” – that went on for years and years. Whenever I entered a room, he’d put on a ridiculous gameshow host voice and announce “It’s the Fat And Ugly Show! Starrrrriiinng Victoria!”

Obviously I knew this was meant to be a joke and that therefore it was impermissible to show any displeasure (beyond the requisite withering “da-a-ad!” protest). I knew my dad didn’t literally think I was fat and ugly. Nonetheless, whereas ugliness may be a subjective quality, I was measurably overweight, so the “joke” was based in a sort-of truth. My brother was overweight, too, but he never got the Fat And Ugly Show treatment. It was therefore made clear, through the medium of dad humour, that fatness and ugliness were particularly underdesirable qualities in girls.

As I’ve got older I’ve realised that…

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