Why I don’t agree with the article – ‘Becoming a Woman: Trans Women and Male Violence’.

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First of all I want to make it clear that this is not a personal attack Caroline Criado-Perez. I just don’t agree with many aspects of her article:

‘Becoming a Woman: Trans Women and Male Violence’.


Though our views may vary, I understand that feminism encompasses differing views and strategies. I do however believe in healthy debate within feminism on subjects and a right to differ. I do understand her views were based on personal experience and respect that. However, as an influential writer, I also find they somewhat endorse an existing dangerous and damaging precedent.

As I’ve said before where ever you stand on ‘the trans issue’ within feminism, you cannot deny difference. Women and transwomen ARE different, whether in terms of socialisation, health, biology, social/political history and so on. The experience of being a woman is not something transwomen will ever know, nor vice versa. It is…

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What sort of people want a convicted child rapist as their executive director? These people


Allison Woolbert raped a family member who was between the ages of 13-16 when he was living as Dennis Woolbert before he changed his name and his legal sex marker

Woolbert resigned as executive director of Transgender Human Rights Institute but his fellow transgender males/transwomen/men re-instated him.

What sort of people want a child rapists as their executive director? These people

Germaine Greer to women at Cambridge Union: “kick ass and take names and talk loud and make a crowd”


Germaine Greer: Kicking Ass and Taking Names Germaine Greer: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Iconic feminist Germaine Greer kicked off her UK tour in support of “Disappearing Women” at the Cambridge Union Society this Monday evening past, in what was reported to be a rousing, triumphant success. Attempts by anti-feminist transgender activists to have her speech censored failed, potential threats by males who believe they are female were ameliorated by frisking attendees at the doors, and she spoke to a packed house.

From the Cambridge Varsity:

 “Despite the queue created by the heightened security measures, the atmosphere of the crowd was eager but not angry – there were few signs of protest except for a few LGBT+ representatives handing out leaflets at the door. They declined to comment on their decision to boycott the event, and there was little of the sense of outrage that had characterised the statements of the LGBT+ community.

Greer was uncompromising in…

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“Transgender Children”: Pathology of childhood is NOT LOVE


Today The Advocate published – uncritically- a glowing excerpt from a book written by a woman who diagnosed her daughter as transgender at the age of eighteen months. The author and parent, Tracie Stratton,  describes being disturbed by her tiny infants lack of conformity to socially proscribed sexist feminine gender behaviors for infants.

She diagnosed her daughter as “boyish” and “different” at one year of age.

Hey guess what folks. People should not be examining one year olds for sex role compliance. No matter your politics, your religion, your horrific sexism, your munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, no one should be monitoring a one year old child for sex-role compliance.

But Stratton did. So much though that she claims that before two years of age her daughter was already parotting back to mom: “Me a boy, mama”.

“By eighteen months I knew that this child, my…

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FETA and its attack on women: “gender rights.”

The Prime Directive

The so-called “International Bill of Gender Rights,” not recognized by the UN despite its grandiose name, is a good starting point to discuss the fact that the ideology pushed by FETAs (Female-Erasing Trans Activists) is profoundly genderist and anti-feminist in nature. Not surprisingly, it was written by two individuals who were socialized as men (one of the two, JoAnn Roberts, was a crossdresser).

Gender Identity Watch states that the goals of the IBGR are threefold:

(1) elevate a Man’s “Gender Identity” over a Woman’s Sex and Sexual Boundaries

(2) destroy Women-only space

(3) eradicate the Category of Sex.

So let’s begin:

#1: The Right To Define Gender Identity

We already start with a problematic term, “gender identity.” As I’ve already discussed, trans activists treat “gender identity” as an innate preference which causes gender expression, but how we think of ourselves is the result of our gender expression and how…

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Growing Up Dyke


I read a really sad article today in The Guardian. This article was about a young lesbian who felt having her healthy breasts lopped off “saved her life.” This young woman identifies as a man, and of course her parents are far more accepting of her as male than they ever would have been of her as a lesbian.

One of the main reasons, the subject of the article cites, for transitioning was that she “never grew out of” her “tomboy” phase.

Well, shit — neither did I. Growing up, I was, by turns, a girly-girl, a tomboy, and eventually an androgynous dyke. Not everyone appreciated my androgyny, or my lesbianism.

My mother would have preferred I didn’t wear my hair quite so short. People mistook me for a male, and then got embarrassed when they realized I was female. Sometimes men got mad at me and said horrible…

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A little while ago, I woke up to the radio announcer promoting a show about writers featuring two women who have turned their backs on their womanhood and rejected solidarity with other women, other lesbians, in order to gain a measure of safety and acceptance and power for themselves. They wrote a book together about their treachery, and are now celebrating its publication.
Of course, they do not see their embrace of gender-neutral pronouns, breast-binding and rejection of their own femaleness (along with femininity) as misogynist. But that’s what it is. The radio announcer said, “Both were raised as girls, but it never really sat well with them”, and then there was a clip of one of them talking about her preference for the (often grammatically noxious) use of the pronoun “they”.
OF COURSE they never liked being girls — I don’t know anyone who did, not really. Some women…

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I got really pissed off last week – so pissed off I couldn’t write about it – when I read about how Mt. Holyoke, a formerly female-only college, cancelled their production of The Vagina Monologues for fear it would alienate women-indentifying males who have penises. It’s not that The Vagina Monologues is all that amazing – I mean, in 2015 it’s a bit outmoded for a whole host of reasons, the least of which being “doesn’t talk enough about dicks” – but it’s the principle of the thing, it’s the terrifying realization that women cannot talk about their truths if their truths inconvenience/upset/upend males’ delusions about their lady-ness.

In a world that reviles women, art – writing, painting, sculpture, all that shit – has been one of the few conduits available to female persons in which they may – subversively and not so subversively — express their realities. Interestingly enough…

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