New Detransition Support Forum


[image added by me-GM] [image added by me-GM] If you are a detransitioned/ing woman OR if you are a woman without a history of transition but you are reconciling with femaleness, there is a new support network forming. This forum is a private, female-only, safe space where women can come together to make sense of things. If you experience gender and/or sex dysphoria, if you have been dis-identified with being a female, if you have transitioned or have wanted to or if you are currently transitioning and re-thinking things, this is a space for you.

Right now, we’re just starting off and slowly gathering new members. There is a vetting process, so if you are interested in joining, you can email23XXat and we can go from there.

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Transgender Ghouls For Suicide and Death



In the four years GenderTrender has been covering trends in gender we’ve seen some truly ghastly things done by transgenderists in the name of “trans activism”.

The everyday hand-waving and dismissal of rape, violence, and atrocities committed by men against women of all ages, races, cultures, regions, classes, orientations and abilities, unrelentingly, without mercy, since the beginning of recorded history.

The merciless death threats, harassment, stalking and violence committed by male “transwomen” against women, feminists, and lesbians who dare to participate in the public square of social life.

The ubiquitous and vile systemic campaigning by transgenderists to eliminate the human rights of women (and lesbians specifically) to create and attend public social gatherings of their choosing. Transadvocate writer David “Dana Lane” Taylor threatening death on a lesbian feminist’s children, writing that her children “have to die”, with the total support of the transgender community behind him. Receiving messages from “transwomen”…

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#RealLiveTransAdult – hashtag now trending

We are glad when trans activists make a point of letting younger, gender-confused people know that they needn’t expect to suicide or be killed. Most murdered trans-identifying people are of color or in prostitution – very often both. The ‘may very well die young’ narrative has manipulative potential for short-term trans activist goals, but is heartless towards the general wellbeing of trans-identifying people. However, suicidal behaviour in young people who are confused about their sexuality or biological sex (homophobia often causes the latter)  is worryingly high.

But the hashtag is also being used for the self-promotion of very dodgy individuals.

morgan page real live trans adult

Sounds great, right? But this is what some of Page’s ‘community organizing’ has involved. In early 2012, Page ran a workshop restricted to those born male (who could identify as a woman or genderqueer) who felt that lesbians’ refusal to have sex with them was a denial of their rights. The workshop aimed to help participants ‘overcome’ and ‘break down sexual barriers’ set by women who had indicated they did not want to have sex with them.


Makes this subsequent tweet read differently, huh?

morgan page real live trans adult sex

Sex is different when the Real Live Trans Adult in question has socialized male entitlement to women’s bodies.

For background on the Cotton Ceiling workshops, see here.

Your Gender Identity Just Doesn’t Mean Anything.


“Gender identity” is a misnomer, it would be better phrased as personality or sense of fashion and aesthetic. Of course, as many trans activist have righteously pointed out to me that what I’m referring to is “gender expression”, not “gender identity” and then fail to cite a discernible difference. The truth is, gender identity simply doesn’t exist despite what a patriarchal society desperately wants you to believe, and I understand many of you do believe. It’s easy after all to think certain qualities are exclusive to male or female people when we live in a world that’s so invested in the programming of gender. From birth many children are surrounded by an environment that is suppose to represent that child’s biological sex. The boy and his blue room with cars and the girl in and her pink room with dolls and it goes from there, spiraling out into insidious directions…

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#SharedGirlhood: Puberty

Bella Solanum

Have been reading this wonderful article on experiences of starting periods: The Day I Got My First Period

There are some wonderful stories there, I’ve laughed at some (Call the Cops), cried happy tears at others (Bring us together), and felt saddened by others (Cosmopolitan Past). While they are all different stories by individuals from different eras and backgrounds they all have a common thread.

I have no love for menstruation, you’ll find no desire for period parties here. I see no strength in the menstruation itself, for me personally it’s been hellish from the very start. But there is great strength in the shared experiences of women, it transcends age and location.

Every born woman will have past experience of menstruation, yes, even those whose bodies didn’t do as they were meant to. Because they too will have grown up watching their peers go through it, and felt the…

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Transgender Censorship of Feminism: A Day In The Life


Sample of a male threat, described by authorities as “typical”, that Sarkeesian receives. Sample of a male threat, described by authorities as “typical”, that Sarkeesian receives.

After weeks of silence, the mainstream media is finally reporting on the deluge of violent threats made by men towards feminist media and pop culture commenter Anita Sarkeesian, which caused her to flee her home on advice of the FBI, and cancel a scheduled university appearance. 

While it is good that the violent male campaign against Sarkeesian is finally, belatedly, receiving widespread attention, any feminist who has ever written or spoke in public on the subject of “Gender” will note that what is unusual is not the threats themselves, but the fact that they are being reported by male-stream media.

The New Statesman posts a piece today by GlossWitch, in the shadow of the Sarkeesian fiasco, which specifically addresses the ongoing campaign of censorship against the Women’s Rights movement by the male Transgender Rights movement, whose…

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