“Molloy’s latest tirade was apparently triggered by a phone call in which a customer service rep mistakenly assumed Molloy was male.”

Parker Molloy Resigns From Advocate, Lashes Out At Former Colleagues

58c2fe5b73be4bb83489496963a2ce8f.538x538x1After Advocate.com and freelance writer Parker Molloy quietly parted ways this month, it took less than three weeks for her to go on the attack. Molloy’s latest tirade was apparently triggered by a phone call in which a customer service rep mistakenly assumed Molloy was male. Molloy took to Twitter to vent, first trolling SNL comedian Michael Che before trolling Advocate.com editor Lucas Grindley and his staff with a profanity-laced diatribe.

In addition to going after Grindley, Molloy slammed Grand Editorial executives Matthew Breen and Aaron Hicklin, as well as Here Media’s Diane Anderson-Minshall and Tracy Gilchrist, claiming their “transphobia” and coverage of celebrities associated with trans issues are “on par with Breitbart,” the right-wing news site. Molloy also criticized their coverage of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out column:

Hey, gay media throwing a fit because Tim Cook didn’t come out during a product launch (instead, choosing some personal tact), fuck off. Also, fuck all of you (looking at you, @outmagazine) who have outed him without consent for years. Oh, BTW, I’ve chosen to not write at explicitly LGBT outlets like @outmagazine (only 1 piece there) or @TheAdvocateMag anymore bc this shit.

Molloy has a history of lashing out at former colleagues, including editors at HuffPost Gay Voices and Thought Catalog.

Grindley had welcomed Molloy back to Advocate.com in October following Molloy’s one-month suspension. Although the nonprofit Trans Violence Tracking Portal issued an advisory about Molloy following her verbal attacks on a trans woman, Grindley’s team assigned Molloy to cover anti-trans violence anyway.

Other reports of Molloy’s behavior began to surface after her advocate.com return, including an incident where Molloy was enraged at a nonprofit that honors trans community members. Molloy vowed to punish the nonprofit, saying she’d be “freezing them out of anything I ever write” for not acknowledging her journalistic efforts.

According to Molloy, her “publicly calling out an employee” on October 8 was the final straw. Grindley defended himself and his staff, saying, “That’s not what you told us when you left. I thought you explained your resignation well on [Facebook].” Grindley quoted from an October 10 message Molloy published, which said in part that her attacks on colleagues and LGBT leaders “have given way to distraction that overshadows the topics I took so much pride in covering.” Molloy’s message continued:

Anyone can rant and rage. What I’ve found is that universally denouncing someone, that ‘calling someone out’ just for the sake of calling them out, does little other than cast others as pariahs.  Lately, I’ve been trying to promote a message of inclusivity, rather than division, and I’m the first one to admit that I’ve been guilty of fostering attitudes of division and anger in the past. […] Hopefully you can see the marked change in attitude and tact.

In March, I said that I ‘f*cking hated’ someone. […] In August, I responded to a critical comment by calling someone a stupid c*nt and telling them to ‘drink bleach.’[…] All that’s left is for me to never ever make that sort of mistake again, to grow, and to learn from it. […] my future writing will no longer feature the ‘rage-y,’ ‘call out culture’ style some love and some hate. […] you’re not going to see me launch personal attacks on anyone.

Less than three weeks later, Molloy resumed her pattern of behavior, concluding that her departure from advocate.com was “fine by me.” Shortly before deleting the entire rant, Molloy said that she did not appreciate “the transphobia by HERE Media honchos” who she claimed would “shit-talk” her in public.

Molloy then accused Grindley of a “major violation of privacy” and begged him to delete his responses to her, and she did the same. Below are copies of Molloy’s deleted posts.




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The no-platforming of journalist Julie Bindel has been raised in a New Statesman article by Sarah Ditum. The below the line comments to the article quickly filled with trans activists wanting to denounce Bindel (and Ditum for supporting her). One of the commenters, NatachaNatacha, comes to the defence of an anti-Bindel trans activist, Roz Kaveney, who was quoted in the article. She quotes the full email that Kaveney sent to Ditum, presumably given to her by Kaveney, as it quotes more than appears on the latter’s Live Journal. NatachaNatacha then concludes in her own words:

Julie Bindel has the ear of a national newspaper to write, and to argue that she is no longer a transphobic feminist; she has failed to convince enough people that she is not. As a student at a university in the UK I do not want transphobes to have a platform on my campus…

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Let’s Get Free!: Escalate the Fight to End Male Violence By Kourtney Mitchell

Let’s Get Free!: Escalate the Fight to End Male Violence

By Kourtney Mitchell / Deep Green Resistance

I do not have a creative introduction to start this article. I have only the seething rage of a spirit absolutely fed up with a culture that is at war with women, their fervent pleads for solidarity and their righteous actions of self-defense against the monster of male supremacy echoing in my mind. I have only the scenes of men torturing and raping women, filmed for the goal of profit and produced on an industrial scale like a slave trade, an auction where women’s bodies are mutilated and sold for entertainment and sexual gratification, to drive me ever forward to find ways to organize against this barbarity. I have only the cries of my loved ones as they tell of their own abuse and that of others, their wishes to somehow get their murdered or missing friends back from the endless night of death enacted by men who are supposed to be human but instead behave more like demons.

No, I am all out of creative words. All I have are the words of the reality of the world women live in, a reality that I can never fully know, a reality that I still do not truly realize no matter how angry I get about it. I have women’s words – the words they use to tell their stories, to recount their experiences – words I still find increasingly difficult to hear. But hear I must because I do not ever want to become apathetic. I want to be angry, I want to be furious. I must stay furious. And I must allow that fury to teach me how to be a human being once again, instead of a monster. I must allow that fury to inform my actions, and to constantly remind me that the world has had enough of men’s words. What the world needs – what women need, what children need – is men’s action to destroy male violence and patriarchy once and for all.

I have the shame of being a man, that sex-caste category that has socialized me to be abusive, and to be callous towards other men’s abuse of women and children. I have the shame of knowing that I benefit from large-scale violence against women, the subordination and objectification and public humiliation of half the world’s population in the name of masculinity and manhood.

But that shame is not enough. I can see that my shame has not changed men’s behavior. Shame has not prevented our fists from breaking women’s jaws, our penises from torturing women’s bodies, our words from dismissing their experiences.

No, that shame has not ended male violence, but our actions can, and they must.

Profeminist men must escalate the fight to end men’s violence. And we must escalate NOW.

Abusive and controlling men have already declared outright war against women and children. This war is not metaphorical, and it is not an exaggeration. With at least a quarter of all women surviving or fighting off rape (and it is widely known that is an underestimate), and men committing as much as 94% of all child sexual abuse, what else can we call it? These men will readily tell you that they are at war, and it is high time profeminist men take them seriously.

For too long men have left the dirty work of defense and prevention to women, opting to just talk about supporting and defending women but never actually organizing truly effective offensives against male violence. No more. No more complacency, no more lip service, no more disingenuous half-assed activism that has not resulted in real progress towards women’s liberation.

It is time now that profeminist men begin publicly calling for and supporting militant action against the institutions of male supremacy. Simply put, men must stop other men, physically and definitively. We must organize smart, strategic and highly informed offensives against the men abusing women and we must do so under the leadership of feminist women, actively seeking accountability to these women so that our actions are in accordance to liberation on their terms, not ours. We must challenge men in our families, workplaces and peer groups when they speak or behave in ways that normalize or trivialize violence. We must instead normalize respect for women and respect for life, not just supporting militancy which can so easily become glorification of male violence, but committing ourselves to completely dismantling masculine culture on the interpersonal level as well.

Many of us have traveled the world speaking, marching, picketing, and participating in myriad forms of nonviolent protest in support of the feminist and anti-violence movement. And yet, the rate of men’s violence against women is increasing. Our work has been ineffective in bringing about lasting change. The change that we do manage to see is the result of generations of brave and courageous women who bled and died and were imprisoned for fighting for their right to be treated as human beings.

No doubt, some men have done great work, and must continue to do so. But we also must come to terms with the reality of the situation. We must now be honest about what it will actually take to end the violence of this culture.

We have to do more than just recite the numbers, or watch the films, or attend the conferences. We must do more than just abstain from consuming sexist, violent media, or purchasing consumer goods sold on the marketing of women’s bodies. We must do more, a whole lot more. Some of us are going to have to stop abusive men. Some of us are going to have to put our bodies on the line – place our bodies in between these men and the women they intend to abuse. And while physical intervention in interpersonal violence is not the primary focal point of men’s work against patriarchy (and is not applicable in most cases), profeminist men should support such actions when done in a smart, strategic manner.

We have to start treating abusive men like the enemy. No more of these vapid appeals to their humanity or their inner child or whatever else pacifists are coming up with to avoid doing what it takes. Sure, abusive men were once children, many of them abuse survivors themselves. But now they are abusive men. They are not children anymore. They are adult men who make the decision to break women’s bones, blacken their eyes and blast bullets into their skulls. They are adult men who choose to be paid to abuse women on camera, and then laugh about it in porn documentaries. If you do not fume with rage, then you are not paying attention. Start paying attention.

The fact that porn shops are still standing instead of roasting in flames is an affront to women everywhere. The fact that international activist and humanitarian organizations are defending johns and pimps instead of women should cause the planet to stop spinning on its axis. Instead what we see are men locking women in basements for decades, starving and raping them and then standing in court talking about how they actually enjoyed the abuse.

Men as a sex-caste hate women. We hate women just as much as whites as a caste hate people of color, and members of settler culture hate the indigenous. Do those statements make you angry and defensive? Good, they should. You should be appalled that we live in a culture that facilitates and rewards such grotesque behavior. Use that anger to confront those who abuse, go take that energy to them, not us, not the ones who are actually fighting for justice. Go confront men, not the women they abuse.

And if you refuse to do that – if you refuse to examine your own masculinity, your own culpability in men’s oppression of women, then all I can say to you is that you had better get out of the way and let us get this done. Otherwise, you are the enemy, and we will treat you as such.

We do not have any more time to plead with men and ask them nicely to stop abusing and murdering women and children. We do not have time to continue asking our governments to stop dropping bombs and using chemicals to kill and maim people around the world. We do not have time to ask corporations run by psychopathic men to stop destroying the planet. We have been asking nicely for hundreds of years, and nothing has changed. I am done with asking. I want to see porn studios burned to the ground. I want to see “men’s rights activists” fearing for their lives and hiding in their homes, because no one with the audacity to fabricate this fake movement should ever feel safe walking the streets. I want justice, and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Escalation can mean physically intervening if we find ourselves witness to male violence, and it can also mean no longer allowing your buddy to speak or behave in sexist ways. It can mean publicly shaming abusers, speaking in support of women’s right to defend themselves however they need to do so, and actively challenging ourselves and other men to dismantle masculinity inside and out. Just as in any strategic resistance movement in which the very few capable resistors are on the front line and the rest are supporting, the vast majority of profeminist work should be undoing the culture. Ultimately, justice means that we have to start doing something about a culture in which men are either abusive or hardly doing anything at all to end abuse.

Profeminist men must escalate now, or we are not worth the two pennies our words claim. Every day we fail to be effective is another day women are tortured, enslaved and killed and I will be damned if I continue to sit back and let this happen. Profeminist men must say it and mean it: over our dead bodies will this culture continue.

Let’s Get Free! is a column by Kourtney Mitchell, a writer and activist from Georgia, primarily focusing on anti-oppression and building genuine alliance with oppressed communities. Contact him atkourtney.mitchell@gmail.com.

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This is thoughtful, and I appreciate you asking this question.

Disclaimer: this list is my own. I think some of these points are shared by others, and some of this is completely my own opinion. Most of this may also be incredibly basic humanity, but I came up with this out of experience so I guess not everyone gets these things.

First off, we don’t have a collective experience. We share a lot of similar experience but we are far from homogenized. When talking about detransition you might often need to reference a particular person, or clarify that a generalization may be more nuanced than you can speak to. You might want to simply encourage other women to read what we have to say about detransition if they want to know more.

Often, the problem with people talking about detransition is just that they haven’t actually read / listened to us. That’s one simple pre-requisite: take the time to read or listen and/or ask us questions for a while before you engage in discussion with others about this topic. I’m continually challenged to re-think and evolve my opinions on this stuff, so I know that anyone outside this experience needs to really take their time absorbing our words.

This may not apply to you in particular, but you’d be amazed at how many people simply become aware that detransitioners exist and stop right there with their inquiry (and then go on to use that fact as political ammunition.) Other times women read just a little of something we said and build a whole lot of assumptions around our experience and what it means politically. For example, one phrase I hate to hear and have to correct time after time is that I “regret” my transition.

When having a discussion about trans issues and bringing up detransitioners, it’s helpful to oscillate between big picture and personal experience. Sometimes people get too caught up in the ideology, and they say things that are insensitive to the individuals they are politicizing, (both to trans people and detransitioners.)

For example, I recently interacted with a radical feminist who was a little worked up about the dangers of transition and she said something about women “mutilating” their bodies. Radical feminists often take a very condescending stance on transition. We were and are just dealing with dysphoria in the best way we know how, so don’t lose sight of that. The point is that we need better care, support, and alternatives to transition – not that we were / are stupid or careless or crazy for trying to alleviate dysphoria via HRT or surgery etc.

If you’re reading things we’ve said and you don’t agree with the conclusions we come to about our experience, you probably shouldn’t be using that same experience as an example and imposing your own perspective on it in your discussions. If you don’t agree with the main points we’re making, don’t pick and choose the parts that fit your agenda – just leave us out of the discussion.

Realize that MtF and FtM issues are not mirrored and talking about both sides at once will often convolute the conversation into oblivion. MtFs and FtMs transition for very different reasons. Personally, I really dislike being lumped in with male examples of detransitioners or having my transition compared to an MtFs – because my reality is erased when it’s equated with men transitioning. When you mention trans-anything, people (especially those allied with the trans community) often want to center the discussion around males/MtFs and that usually stops any productive discussion in its tracks.

Remember that detransition exists outside of politics, too. Remember that we’re just doing our best to function and that not everything we do in regards to gender/identity/expression/community/etc should be politicized. This is a messy journey, and it is a journey without a definite endpoint. Transition affects the rest of one’s life, and we learn to deal with that as best we can.

Respect our intentions. Anyone born female who has struggled with being female is my priority. The point of talking about my experience isn’t actually for the benefit of radical feminists who already “get” gender politics, though I’m happy they read my blog, and in a sense this relates to all women. Further, my intention is certainly not to waste time arguing with feminists who disagree with me about the politics of transition. My real purpose is to keep relating backwards to my time transitioning and to keep connecting that past to where I am now. I spend a lot of time reading FtM blogs, listening to trans men talk, and finding points of connection. I study how other people describe what dysphoria is to them. I observe how other people talk about transition struggles and what needs they express. I keep an eye out for suicide posts in the FtM tag. Female-bodied people struggling with dysphoria are the entire point of talking about detransition at all, for me. I would urge any radical feminist wanting to discuss detransition to keep that compassion at the forefront of any conversation and not let ideology divert the conversation out of our common ground as females.

Reblogged from Snowflake Especial “lemonrays said: This blog is fucking terrifying. Happy Halloween, I guess. “

Reblogged from: Snowflake Especial

lemonrays said: This blog is fucking terrifying. Happy Halloween, I guess. Your standards for being qualified as a trans woman is absolutely absurd, alienating all those who cannot afford the thousands of dollars to transition 100%. Trans women aren’t going to call themselves men until their transitioning process is 100% and they get a stamp of approval from society. That’s not how it works.

Listen: life isn’t fair. That sucks, but it’s also reality. As an idealist, I’m heavily invested in trying to make life more fair. But the way to do that is to directly engage with reality, not just try to force everyone else in the world to buy into my particular fantasy.

In every society ever known to have existed, gender is attributed based on perceived sex. This also applies to societies with so-called third genders (hijra, two-spirit etc) – because have you ever heard of a female hijra? Of course not! To be a hijra, you have to be male! As in, born with a penis! As in, taller than a person born female, on average. As in, significantly narrower hips than a person born female. As in, lower pitched voice than a person born female. As in, longer bones and larger more muscle mass than a person born female. None of these things are “socially constructed” – they are biological facts! And every person ever born uses all of these facts every day to determine the sex of the people we interact with. Including you!

In cultures where people are frequently naked, sex is immediately obvious to everyone. In times/cultures when people have worn a lot of clothes (think US and Europe in the 1890’s) it was easier to disguise your sex. Why do you think so many women lived their lives as men in the late 19th/early 20th century? Because living as a woman meant a choice between poverty or being a man’s servant, and it was easy enough to disguise your sex through the clothing of the time that it was possible to cross-live! So lets be real: how many “passing women” have there been in Kenya, would you say?

This issue about the cost of transition has been a persistent complaint for a few decades now, but it really doesn’t make any sense. Very few males are able to consistently pass as female without hormonal and surgical intervention. And even with many thousands of dollars in hormonal and surgical interventions, many trans women will never consistently pass as female. This is just reality and every trans woman knows it. This is why coverage for “trans healthcare” isn’t actually a solution to many trans women’s problems: because even with these interventions, they are still going to stick out. Taking hormones and getting surgeries doesn’t make a trans woman either female or a woman. Nothing will ever make us female, and the only thing that can make us women is if we are perceived to be female. Hormones and surgery can help make this perception happen for some of us, but it doesn’t work for all of us, it may only work for a period of our lives, and no matter what there is no guarantee.

I am a trans woman, and I hate this because it feels so unfair! Believe me! But the fact that this feels unfair does not make males look like females. I mean, really? Talk about a non sequitur. Do these doorstops make your penis look like a vagina? Really??? It is an inescapable fact that nobody is going to mistake a male for a female unless that person ~wait for it~ looks female. So the whole trans project of trying to force other people to perceive things for what they are not is a delusional, childish farce. Like, exact enactment of “Emperor’s new clothes”. It isexactly the height of male foolishness and delusion!

In saying this, I’m not “throwing my trans sisters who can’t pass under the bus”, or any bullshit like that. They are male but they feel other than men; I am male and I feel other than a man. We have this very essential, deep thing in common! But this internal feeling we share doesn’t change the fact that some of my “sisters” look unambiguously male and always will. And even more importantly, it doesn’t change the fact that some of my “sisters” think, speak, and behave exactly like men. I have the right to acknowledge reality, and that trumps the narcissistic injury to their deluded self-perception. The way to heal from deluded self-perception is to learn to accept and embrace reality, not force others to cater to your crazy bullshit.

If “wishing something” made it true, the world would be a completely different place. Maybe better, maybe worse. But if you think we actually live in a world where wishing alone changes reality, you need to grow the fuck up. You seem like a decent person so I’m not saying this out of hate or anger, but out of genuine concern. The way forward for all trans women is to create cultural space which allows and celebrates gender non-conformity in males. The fact that some trans women pass as female is a side-effect of the gender straightjacket, and it is absurd that we can legislate people’s perception of sex. We need a program that works to liberate everyone from sex role stereotypes – which is not feminism, but is directly compatible with feminism. That’s the kind of “trans feminism” I can get behind – not this cotton ceiling, female penis bullshit.

Happy Halloween, and best wishes.

Two rival male TV helicopter pilots who covered O.J. Simpson chase now are transgender women – NY Daily News

Two rival male TV helicopter pilots who covered O.J. Simpson chase now are transgender women – NY Daily News

Transgenderism is becoming the new way for white heterosexual men to have a mid life crisis. Someone needs to study this. Within 10 years there is going to be a small army of angry men who are ex-trans blaming their misadventures in transgenderism and ruined lives on feminism and the LGBT. I’m sure Janice Raymond will be blamed somehow.

The dilemma of censoring criticism of transgender politics from the left is that only the right wing will be heard as they own their own media

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.34.05 PM

The dilemma of censoring criticism of transgender politics from the left is that only the right wing will be heard as they own their own media. They also have actual political power and a power base.Trans would be better off cleaning their own home instead of burning it down.