Video: Gender Identity in Student Spaces

Purple Sage

A conference was held in London, U.K this summer called Thinking Differently. It was a place for feminists to discuss gender identity and transgenderism. There were lots of great speakers and I recommend watching the whole thing.

In this clip, Magdalen Burns talks about being kicked out of her campus LGBT group and her women’s liberation group for violating “safe space” rules by disagreeing with their dogma.

It’s interesting hearing her talk about all the reasons why she was kicked out of various groups—all of them are really stupid reasons. But the part that I found most poignant was that she knows around ten gays and lesbians who have been kicked out of their university LGBT society by people who identify as “queer” but not lesbian or gay. It looks like we have reached a point where ordinary gays and lesbians are officially kicked out of LGBT—the important people in…

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No staff, no programs at UVic’s Third Space

UVic Womyn's Centre

The latest news from the Third Space collective (formerly the University of Victoria Women’s Centre) comes from a source who received a letter from the collective’s governing body, the UVic Students Society. According to the letter, the staff have left or quit, and no one is currently running programs at the Third Space. Kay Gallivan’s term as Communications Coordinator has ended, and Nadia Hamdon has stepped down from her role as Finance Coordinator, the source said.

We can understand why people might distance themselves from the group, especially since it voted in August 2016 to “donate” thousands of dollars of university money to its own former Finance Coordinator, Daphne Shaed – the self-proclaimed “tranny cyborg Hindu goddess” who looks to us like a white man with a huge case of entitlement.

The Third Space collective has been in a state of chaos since it started making concessions…

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On Not Frightening The Horses

Born Not Made

Chekistocrat: The comrade bacopa made an excellent contribution to the comments on the Our Lost Generation post:

Transing children is clearly an attempt at gay and lesbian genocide. Yep, most straight folks who loovez the trans children are homophobic liberals. Yeah, they accept TEH GHEY in principle, but if OMG any hint of that vile shit shows up in their kids that gotta squash that with needles, pills, and scalpels.
This is conversion therapy beyond what most conservatives have dreamed of. Who knew liberal straights would fight for gay rights and then turn around to endorse a Final Solution to the Homosexual Problem?

The lovely Ammonitey and I were talking about this at length. And yeah, we both have to say that coming out as a lesbian causes a heck of a lot of Proud Liberals* to lose the facade ASAP.

It’s lovely to think of being an Ally…

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Phase? What phase? Kid trans specialist dishes up the usual gender gruel


What would we do without the crop of gender therapists who seem to have sprung up like mushrooms after a rainstorm in the last few years? How did we raise our tomboys and “effeminate” sons before these specialists arrived on the scene to tell us naïve parents what to think and do?


This little tidbit in the Chicago Windy City Times is emblematic of the same sort of breezy, reassuring advice dispensed by the therapists I consulted when my own daughter was insisting she was trans. We hear similar gender-therapist horror stories every day from the parents who blow into 4thWaveNow like so many shipwrecked sailors.

Ariel Groner, the author of this piece, is a gender identity therapist (specializing in kids 6 and up) at Chicago’s Juniper Center. The Center has a lot of predictable gender identity ideology on its website. In fact, the Windy City site (“the voice…

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UK Transwoman Athlete admits to Triple Stab Attack on Sports Officials who discovered he was Male

Fucking hell…



Former British Women’s Fell Running Champion Lauren Jeska confessed in court today to committing a vicious premeditated triple stabbing attack on British sports authorities last March at Alexander Stadium.

“Women athlete who tried to murder sports official was transgender and facing review into medals”, reports the UK Mirror Online:

“Sean Kyne, District Crown Prosecutor from West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Lauren Jeska had a disagreement with British Athletics officials which escalated and rather than resolve the matter through the appropriate channels, she armed herself with a number of knives, drove from her home in Wales to Birmingham and launched a premeditated and savage attack on the victim which resulted in the victim and his colleagues sustaining a number of life threatening injuries.”

“Fell Runner Lauren Jeska tried to kill British athletics official because she feared the body would revoke her titles over transgender status” The Telegraph reports:

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Getting real about bad advice

language: a feminist guide

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the policing of women’s language, but that’s not because the police have been idle: while I’ve been concerning myself with other matters, it’s been business as usual for the finger-wagging advicemongers. Here’s a recent example which I wouldn’t bother clicking on, since it’s just a rehash of the generic Bullshit Article About Women’s Language that’s been doing the rounds for the last two years. And here’s a piece about uptalk and vocal fry, which does contain one novel feature–a link to this blog, which the author cites to show she considered both sides of the argument before deciding to go with the ever-popular ‘stop it, you’re annoying people’.

Both these pieces use what I’m going to call the ‘let’s get real’ argument, which goes something like this: ‘it’s all very well to call out prejudice/preach tolerance, but the world is…

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Tranz Trances, Session 2

Madam Nomad

In this Session I will be dis-enchanting the Tranz Trance with a bit of scholarship from famed gyno/ethicist,  Mary Daly.  I recently picked up her book Gyn/Ecology after 30 years and the effect of reading it now as an old woman is nothing less than shattering. I heartily wish I had taken heed of her message the first around.

Erasing Women

I came to this college town 3 years ago, hoping to repair my relationship with my daughter, in the wake of my having been chemically raped by doctors during her childhood.  I lived with her for nine months in a student housing coop. I went to a local rape crisis center looking for support for my post-incest trauma, I considered connecting with a woman’s center associated with the university and I became involved with an arts organization. And what I noticed happening in all of these…

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Mothers are Women – Deal With It

Born Not Made


Oops! Silly me! No wonder the SJWs had to get the cattle prod again to remind me that I’m not being nice.  Just live and let live, Ammonitey!  It’s not all about me, is it?  I’ve been “centering” myself and women too long and now I need to take a seat, listen and learn, probably make someone a sandwich. But most of all, what I need to do is to stop being such an oppressive TERF bitch, because here’s a nice laydee come along in The Advocate to tell me how it is:

I Am a Trans Mother — Deal With It

Sometimes, although admittedly not very often, I have no words. Well, I have no nice words. But I do have plenty of nasty words. Here are just some of them, in no particular order:

“oh no you aren’t, Sunny Jim”

“fuck the fuck off”

“it rubs the…

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Our Lost Generation

Born Not Made

Chekistocrat: Sometimes people wonder why many feminists are so horrified by the concept of “trans kids”. Isn’t this all about mums and dads learning to accept their children’s unique personalities? No-one would criticise a parent for accepting that their child was homosexual, and “trans kids” don’t get medicated until they’re approaching puberty (and sometimes not even then). So what it boils down to is that some parents are so understanding and liberal that they let Johnny call himself Janey and Janey call herself Johnny, change pronouns, dress how they like…and advocate that every parent treats their child with the same understanding. Surely only a real transphobe, someone who REALLY hates trans people (even poor innocent kiddies!) would think this was a bad idea? Someone who wants gender-nonconforming kids to suffer and feel trapped?

Both Ammonitey and I were GNC kids – gender nonconforming little girls who grew up into gender nonconforming…

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Transwoman accused of rape violently misgendered in press.


Picture from here

Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner of Frontenac Missouri have been accused of luring a woman to their home under the false pretense of repairing her computer, threatening her with torture and then raping her and recording a video of her rape.

One of the accused rapists is identified in the press as a man named Alexander Doering. This appears to be a gross violation of Doering’s gender identity. Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner is on Facebook and identifies themselves as “she”, living in Frontenac Missouri and “In a relationship with Jeremy Horsfall-Steinbrenner“.


Above photo from Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner‘s public Facebook page

It appears that the press has both dead named and violently misgendered Alyssa Renée Horsfall-Steinbrenner by referring to them as a man called Alexander Doering as can be seen in here:

“Alexander Doering and Jeremiah Horsfall-Steinbrenner recorded the attack at their trailer in Frontenac after the woman was taken there “under false pretenses,” she told police, according to the Post-Dispatch.

The woman had gone to their trailer to get her computer fixed, according to the newspaper. Doering and Horsfall-Steinbrenner threatened to torture her if she didn’t have sex with them, she reportedly told police.

As they threatened her, they showed her handcuffs, a pitcher of water and a towel, according to the charges obtained by the newspaper.

The suspects also allegedly changed the password on the woman’s phone.

Doering recorded the brutal attack on Horsfall-Steinbrenner’s phone, the paper reported. She got away from the men when they feel asleep.”

What a tragedy, another violent rapist misgendered and dead named in the press.