Meanwhile, in Europe …

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

I cannot find any health care voices against transgenderism in Europe.  Are there none?  Are they silenced, by peers or activists or a Google filter?  Even the famous Swedish study, a thirty-year cohort study published in 2011, which cited higher mortality (suicide; also, cardiovascular disease and cancers – both of which may be increased by the hormone regimens, although this remains to be defined) and morbidity (increased suicide attempts, increased inpatient psychiatric care for issues other than transgenderism, increased male-pattern violence among male-to-female individuals), was careful in its conclusion to not advocate against transgender hormones and surgery:

“This study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalisations in sex-reassigned transsexual individuals compared to a healthy control population. This highlights that post surgical transsexuals are a risk group that need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up. Even though surgery and hormonal…

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Still searching for the science …

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

I have been working on researching the research on the use of “puberty blockers” in children for the purposes of transgendering them.  My local children’s hospital has a gender clinic but has refused my request to come learn about their treatment approach, a very unusual stance for a tertiary care teaching hospital.  I asked my professional College library to do a literature search for me, to help ensure I wasn’t  missing any published articles, and they sent me a list of twenty-one items, which I have copied below (I do not guarantee the links) for those of you who are also interested in the state of the science of this practice and may not have access to such resources.  To be fair, these are only abstracts, but the general consensus appears supportive of the use of medications to block puberty and that these medications are reversible – despite no statement…

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When Gay is Not Gay

My Only Path to Power

I grew up in a redneck, rural town. From a very young age I observed an interesting but not unusual pattern of machismo in the teenage boys in my town.

Insults between two males could, and often did, imply that the one doing the insulting had performed penetrative sex upon the one being insulted (or would do so in the future). These insults, much to my confusion as a kid, did not imply that the insulter was gay, but did imply that the insulted was gay. This type of insult was beyond common in my neighborhood.

Although a particular teenage boy was definitely not gay-tolerant and would have been utterly horrified to be thought of as gay, it was completely cool and indeed masculine for him to say, during a match of insults, something along the lines of “that’s not what you said when my dick was in your mouth last night.”

Indeed, I…

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Definitions for Indefinite Times – Transracial?

Dead Wild Roses

We can file this under ‘words have meanings’ and meanings are important.

defintionsSex: a binary that refers to which reproductive organs you have (males have sperm, females have eggs)

Race: a system that organizes people based on melanin levels in the skin and place of origin (labeling varies, but physical differences exist between races)

These two are physical realities, in which people of some categories face oppression because of their presence in those categories. The term “black woman” says nothing about her beyond a basic physical appearance.

– – –

Gender: a collection of stereotypes placed upon individuals based on their sex (i.e., girls like pink and shopping, boys like blue and sports)

Transgender: the belief that one “feels” like the opposite sex

this is fundamentally impossible without the assumption that male and female minds are biologically wired to conform to gender (aka stereotypes) which is demonstrably untrue and incredibly…

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Child Protective Services Failed Boy Whose Mother Claimed He Was Transgender Says UK Judge



Years of child welfare reports were ignored by social services out of fear of appearing “transphobic” towards a child whose mother claimed he was transgender, charged UK Family Court Judge Mr. Justice Hayden as he transferred custody of the seven-year-old boy to his father.

The boy’s mother, a former psychiatric nurse with a history of unspecified mental illness, decided that her child was transgender when he was four years of age. From the age of four she attempted to make the boy live “stealth” – a transgender term meaning to hide one’s biological sex completely. She enrolled the child into a new school as a female child (before later withdrawing him), reported neighborhood children as committing anti-transgender hate crimes, and even registered him with a new physician as a female patient.

From the age of four to six, a whopping: Two schools, his family physician, the local housing authority, the…

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My Only Path to Power

I have been a feminist since before I had a word for it. Plenty of people throughout the years have shamed me and tried to stop me from holding feminist views or saying I was a feminist: religionists, conservatives, women who wanted to distance themselves from feminism so they could continue to be thought of as attractive and sexy and fun, regular people of all stripes, and most of all, men. Society’s message is that feminists are angry, ugly, and wrong, and I’ve heard that message loud and clear.

It took me many years to gain the courage to say that I’m a feminist.

As a woman, I have the right and duty to be a feminist, and no one will stop me from it again. Least of all men (however they “identify”). Feminism is not a dirty word.

I always had the right to be a feminist and I…

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More questions for ‘TERFs,’ answered

Purple Sage

This is the remainder of the questions for ‘TERFs’ that I began answering here.

From what I have read, you seem to believe the following about gender dysphoria:
Gender dysphoria is caused by internalized gender stereotypes and norms, often combined with homophobia.

(a) Is this an accurate representation of your beliefs?

(b) If so, do you believe it applies in all cases? Why (not)?

I think that in many cases people believe they are the opposite sex because of internalized gender stereotypes and homophobia. The reason I believe this is because trans people display it all the time. There is an endless supply of articles and videos where people say they knew they were trans because they liked things that are stereotypically associated with the opposite sex. In fact, even the DSM lists sex stereotypes in the diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria. If these are the reasons people keep…

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“Queer” indoctrination for kids

Purple Sage

Fourth Wave Now blogged about this new YouTube channel called Queer Kids Stuff that markets trans ideology to young kids. Her post can be found here. Instead of commenting on 4thWave, I am writing my own post, since, as usual, I am writing an entire essay.

The goal of this YouTube series is to teach the ideology of the queer/trans movement to kids. I’ve been observing for some time now how “queer” is becoming its own subculture that has little to do with homosexuals. (For more info, click the “queer community” blog tag.) Queer/trans is a sort of cult where a haircut and an outfit are an identity, where biological sex doesn’t exist, where being “different” in superficial ways makes you cool, and people want to be “different” just for the sake of being different, and where people are misunderstood and oppressed by normal, boring people who…

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Hut hut …

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

If I took what I know about football and rolled it up and stuffed it under your mattress, it would not keep you awake at night.  Which is to say I don’t know much about football.  But I have seen clips about football on television and in movies.

What I have observed about football is that it is a display of three types of hypermasculinity:  1.  there is the hulked-up hypermasculinity of the blockers who ram the hell out of each other; 2.  there is the fleet-footed hypermasculinity of the runners who sprint to heroically catch the ball; and 3.  there is the alpha male hypermasculinity of the ruggedly handsome quarterback who directs the whole show.  Amid all this is a lot of butt-patting and genital-sidling.  There is on the football field the display of what men find both celebratory and repulsive about male bonding.

There is also a playbook…

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born wrong

I was really lucky that, when my dissociative defenses started gradually crumbling around me, other women had already been organizing around the experience of stopping transition- other women who have lived it. If it wasn’t for the community that existed because of their hard work, I doubt I would have stopped transition any time soon. The alternatives to community created “for us, by us” looked a lot gnarlier to me than continuing to pretend I was a man on the inside.

For example, my main exposure to criticism of transition, while I was transitioning, was a certain blogger who loves to post photo roundups of unfortunate FTM souls. Seeing post-op pictures of actual people’s actual chests and genitals, that they live with every day, shared nonconsensually (yeah, they were already online, but they were sensitive pictures not shared with any intention of being consumed as anti-trans media) strongly reinforced the…

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