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Third Way Trans

I haven’t written much recently. A lot of that has to do with being in grad school, the last thing I want to do is even more writing.🙂 So I’ve decided to start creating some videos. This is the intro video where I tell my story and I eventually hope to make more videos about detransition and alternative ways to deal with gender dysphoria.

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K-12 schools morphing into indoctrination hubs: Parents share their stories


Seemingly overnight, US public schools have been transformed into no-questions-allowed re-education centers for inculcating the notion that children as young as 4 or 5 years old can be innately transgender, and that any student, of any age, who claims to be or “feel like” the opposite sex is entitled to use not just private bathroom stalls, but shared locker rooms and showers designated for the sex s/he “identities with.”

As a result of this imposed sea change in US school policy, there has been a growing pushback from parents across the nation; the battle is raging fiercely, having recently reached the Supreme Court in one important Virginia case. And yesterday, it was announced that a federal judge had issued a “nationwide injunction” to halt the Obama administration’s directive to open school bathroom/locker room facilities to any student on the basis of their stated gender identity.

The mainstream media continues to…

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Recognizing yourself

Important reading.

Purple Sage

In her graphic novel Fun Home, Alison Bechdel recalls being in a diner with her father when she was a kid and seeing a butch lesbian for the first time. She says she didn’t know that there were women who wore men’s clothes and had men’s haircuts. I love the way she describes her feelings about this. She says “like a traveler in a foreign country who runs into someone from home—someone they’ve never spoken to, but know by sight—I recognized her with a surge of joy.” (p118.)

bechdel 1039

The phrase “like a traveler in a foreign country” speaks to how it feels to be a gender-defiant kid surrounded by people who seem to be comfortable with the expectations placed on them. It’s like everyone seems to naturally understand a social system that doesn’t make any sense to you. When you’re just a kid and you understand that you’re different you…

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a rain and a gale

For all my sisters who’ve ever been invaded.

pressing, pushing

into our space

into our bodies

into our lives

“accommodate me, listen to me, let me in, take it, say yes”

forever receptacles

constantly making room for others

for their problems, for their bodies, for their time, for their needs

grieving the loss

of our time

our lives



don’t let go just yet

for I am with you


pushing back


for our rights


for what is rightfully ours

we are not receptacles

we are full to overflowing

we need our own space



don’t give up

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Gender Activism in Schools

First, Do No Harm: Youth Trans Critical Professionals

The following post comes from Emily. As you read Emily’s account, please keep in mind that the children supported in transitioning by the activism at Emily’s school are going down a path that may well lead to becoming a life-long medical patient, taking off-label hormones, and amputating healthy tissue.

Emily is happy to make connections with other people who might be interested in this issue. If you would like to reach her, please use the contact form on this blog. 

Transgender ideology landed at my doorstep, or more correctly, the doorstep of my children’s school, for the first time last year. 2015 was the year transgender culture went mainstream and took its goals of divorcing sex from gender to the American public at large. The media, private businesses, the military, and public schools have all been swept up into the furor of who gets to use what bathroom. Honestly, I…

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How I became a cis-privileged shitlord

Gender Is War

by Anonymous. Originally posted on Young Radical Feminists.

Josephine Bloggs

I never thought I’d end up one of the “Freeze Peach” brigade. I am, and always have been, a knit-your-own hummus guardian-reader type. My parents both wear birkenstocks, and weep loony lefty tears at the music of Billy Bragg. I always prided myself on being so broad-minded that there would be no cap capacious enough to accommodate my great, broad temple, bulbous with pious left-wing views. No minority was, well, minor enough for me. My lapels were positively weighty with rosettes and badges for this or that struggle – gay rights, women’s lib, etc. Greer was my God, the earnest feminist discussion group my church. I would tell men to “check their privilege”, or just generally put a sock in it with the zeal of the young and right-minded. The cannon, I gleefully told my fellow students, was sexist. It was…

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Parents from Australia Here?

First, Do No Harm: Youth Trans Critical Professionals

Are there any readers of this blog who are Australian parents struggling with a child’s transgender self-diagnosis? If so, please contact this blog via the contact form. You can absolutely remain anonymous.

Thank you

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Video: Masturbation for FtMs


Purple Sage

So this is an entertaining video in which trans man Chase (who seems to have either ADHD or a caffeine addiction) teaches trans men (aka females with dysphoria) how to masturbate. It begins, as all trans videos begin, with a list of trigger warnings. This video might trigger you because of GENITALS and MASTURBATION, very scary topics indeed! (At least he* said “genitals.” Usually they say “junk,” because even the word “genitals” is too anatomically correct to be acceptable by the trans cult.)

The first thing Chase talks about, after giving a second round of trigger warnings because OMG GENITALS, is how people with dysphoria are not expected to enjoy masturbation. Legit topic! I would think that there are a few people out there with dysphoria who can’t relate to their genitals in any way, or who have anxiety about the way they relate to their genitals. I read a…

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Why are more girls than boys presenting to gender clinics?


For decades, more young men than young women presented to doctors and psychiatrists with gender dysphoria.  But that has all changed in recent years.

As reported in a 2015 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicineresearchers in Canada and the Netherlands examined data from 748 total clinic referrals in the two countries across several decades. The flip-flop in the boy-girl ratio is obvious, as seen in the  below graph from this quantitative study. As always, a picture is worth at least 1000 words.

Aitken sex ratio graph

The dramatic uptick in girls and women presenting to gender clinics from 2006-13 is abundantly clear–and there seems to be no end in sight.

Starting in 2006, we noted that the number of
referred female adolescents with GD was now
exceeding the number of referred male adolescents
with GD in the Toronto clinic. Thus, there
appears to be an emerging inversion in the sex
ratio of adolescents with GD which…

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The words Asktransgender commenters don’t want teens to see

Transgender Reality

Several times on this blog, we have seen how young teenagers who are confused about their identities get advice from adults on places like reddit.

Often they get advice that is very inappropriate, like advice on how to obtain prescription medications illegally, or advice on how to hide said medications from parents. They are urged to do this as soon as possible. It can take only weeks for a teen to go from confused about their identity to feeling like they absolutely need these hormones. Sometimes adults suggest completely inappropriate courses of action like in this post where a 42 year old offers a teen to come to his house and get “shots”.

Today we are going to take a brief look at what kind of advice is not allowed on online transgender forums. A 14 year old posts in AskTransgender, asking “Is this real?

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